Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Breathe

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Breathe with consciousness. The power of the breath can transform all things in life. When you take the time to connect to your breath, you can transcend any issue in your life. It is the way to connect us to our spirit.

Our first inhalation is the commitment to BE here in this body and earth, the last exhalation is our departure from the body and earth that has served out spirit. So our whole human life is but 1 breath, while every breath is an opportunity to live a lifetime. As we go through our days, each breath reminds us that it is a lifetime, anything can change, get birthed, or be released…just with the power of this sacred gift of breath.
Experiencing the human form of life, we often forget that we are spirit. The breath takes us there, connects us back to the pure essence of who we are. The breath is spirit, that miraculous thread that weaves us into this collective consciousness on planet earth.

When you look at life, take an inhalation, you draw that external world into you, pause, then as you exhale you offer yourself back into the world, Pause. Each pause is the moment to BE, surrender, listen.

The answer to your question….Take time out to breathe, Close your eyes focus on the breath, allow it to deepen and sit in that space of calm. If you are stressed, anxious, rushed, can’t think or over emotional, slow the breath, use a count system, inhale for 2, hold, exhale for 2. Slow everything down.

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