Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Cycles

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Life is all about cycles. We have day and night, seasons, tides, the orbit of earth around the sun, birth and death, planting and reaping, the inner workings of our bodies and more. Whenever something happens in life, many of us get caught up in the drama, the projections of fear, trying to control things and overthinking. Sure, great to have a plan, but when you look at nature and observe her cycles, there is a sense of peace. Things happen, things settle and so life is.

Accept that no matter what is happening in and around you, everything moves in cycles and things do pass. What you can do while you are in it, is to keep checking in with yourself and honestly ask if you are making the situation worse by over worrying, or trying to control it, or are you able to breathe, listen to your inner world and find ways to support your knowingness that all will be as it is.

The answer to your question….Things are as they are in this moment. Release the expectations, the desired outcome, and surrender to the flow of life, your life, your creation.

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