Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Empowerment

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It is up to you to stand in your own power. See Empower as…”Me power”. You have every right to express, be, create, connect, realise, share, give and receive as anybody else. Stand up for yourself. Make decisions that align with your true worth, your purpose, your life’s journey.

Many people shy away from confrontations, and will not stand up for themselves. When we avoid speaking up for ourselves, what we are doing is indicating a lack of respect for boundaries, self-worth and value. Access your power and stand strong in that.

Empowerment is a vibrational ‘forcefield’ that dictates energetically to the world how you wish to be treated, respected, and valued. Take time to see if you are only as ‘good’ as you are told you can be, or if you seek permission to be, or your sense of value is dependent on some else’s perception. STOP IT. Give yourself that value, that permission to get on with your life with your choices and your on your terms.

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