Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Flow

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Resistance keeps you stuck, stagnant and frustrated. Change is always happening and you are required to adjust to all the changes by staying in a sense of flow. Observe water as it moves. No matter what is in its way, it will flow around it and find a way to keep moving. Staying in flow is about moving forward. Finding the way around the challenges, issues and obstacles that present in life. Choose to flow with the energy of life.

You can liken your life to a maze or a Labyrinth. When caught in a maze, there are dead ends, lots of backtracking, getting lost, yet in a Labyrinth you can only keep moving forward. No matter how far from the centre you are, you keep following the path home, with no obstacles, just forward movement.

Apply this to life, no matter what you come across, you can treat it as a block, a dead end, OR you can chose to see it as a lesson and find a way to move around or through it.

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