Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Healing

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Healing is a way of life. We are all healers and we are all in a process of healing. The best outcomes arrive when people step up for themselves, take self-responsibility for their whole life, make changes and move on. Give yourself permission to heal. There are many aspects to healing and it always starts with you. Healing comes in all guises. A simple smile, a hug a kind word at the right time, a listening ear, an act of kindness. We must take up the call to give and receive. Nature is our greatest healing energy, spend time there.

If you are need of healing, ask to align with the perfect person to hold that space for you, and see what arrives.

Remember TRUE and POWERFUL healing is NOT done to you, it is when awareness arises in you, that is the moment when the healing process begins, and sometimes miracles happen in that moment. Surrender to what you need, and ask your higher healing self to assist in this time.

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