Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Light

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There is a light within all of us that burns brightly. In the darkest of places, when a match is lit, the light travels to the furthest extremities. and we don’t see the darkness, we see the hope of light. Darkness is only a measure of light, where there is none.

What we are required to do is BE that light in our life in order to bring light to others and the world. As our world evolves, our personal vibration is changing. We are choosing lighter foods, we want more light in our homes, we spend more time in nature, these are all ‘light filled’ things. Natural food has” more light” quotient and fills us with that same light. Listen to the call of your body. Walk lightly on the earth.

Meditate and see the light within ignite. Visualise a ‘pilot light’ in your heart space, allow it to flicker, then turn up the volume so it can be brighter, bolder, bigger. Never ‘dim-insih’ your light, as you will diminish your life force, your purpose, your potential, your power. Turn the ‘dimmer switch” up and allow that brilliance to fill your world.

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