Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Potential

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Live by intention, not by reaction. One of your missions here on earth is to experience your greatness. That only arrives when we set high intentions and aim for personal excellence, without compromise.

Too often we turn the dimmer switch down on ourselves, in other words, we become diminished. What you are really doing is playing small and safe. Turn that light up, see the perfection of your potential and take steps to live that every day. It takes courage to move into your potential and live your destiny

You are here to add your unique expression to this field of energy of existence. Shine that inner light boldly and brightly. Be a light beacon, a light bearer, a light source for others. Potential is our own permission to be all that we came here to express and experience.

One word of caution…Never fall in love with someone’s potential, you may see it, you may want it for them, however it is their own journey, their own decision whether to step into that or not. If you pressure someone in your life to LIVE their potential, you just could have an issue on your hands.

Keep your own attention to your own potential, and live in the acceptance that of others as they are.

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