Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Transformation

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Just as a caterpillar has to dissolve and be reborn as a butterfly, so to do we have the ability to dissolve aspects of self, and be transformed into something magnificent. By being present to life, you have the power to transform any thoughts, actions, feelings and more, by simply accepting what is happening, then choosing for a better way, an enlightening moment of inspiration, and a simple new pathway to move forward on.

Transformation is the rearranging of what you already have, letting go of what does not align or serve you, things that you have outgrown in order to birth through something wonderful and ‘new” from within. The new is a renewal of you. Just as the caterpillar transforms, it does not know it is a butterfly at the end of the process until it realised it can fly.

While travelling a transformational experience, there will be some challenges, as your old world will want you to remain the same, you can smile, and keep moving forward. It is expanding, it is evolving, it is your soul journey to transform, it is alchemy.

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