Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Truth

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We are born with a divine truth of soul/spirit that lives in the depths of our heart. We accumulate many layers, veils of illusion, beliefs that formulate much of our life, patterns of behaviours and many imprints. No matter where we are in life’s adventure, in any given moment, your truth is serving you.

One day, things get uncomfortable and something has to change…..that is your truth changing, that is the part of you that is saying, this does not work for me anymore. It may have served mum, dad, grandparents, teachers whoever, but it does not serve me anymore…what is my truth around this thing…..the adventure into another aspect of you begins.

Ask yourself when things appear in life…is this MY truth, do I really feel that is aligning with me at my hearts centre, what else do I need to know about myself. You start to release density, and beliefs that have served others, or perhaps other peoples ‘Truth” about you….start to find your way to your own unique centre of truth.

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