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Inspiration For Your Soul – SELF REFLECTION

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Everything in life is a reflection of what you have going on in your inner world. If you are filled with negativity, then you only see the negative aspects of life, if you are critical, you will be your own worst critic and will find fault with many things. When you are filled with joy and happiness, you see that all about.

Nobody and nothing EVER does anything to us. We do everything to ourselves. When we have the courage to own this truth, then we drop all the stories of blame, guilt, shame, victimhood, lack, judgement and more we are able to experience freedom

Self-reflection is the key to liberation.

Dive into yourself as deeply as you can, let the layers show you who you are via the world around you,, self-enquiry is a powerful pathway to our potential, self-responsibility is the key to having an amazing life.

The microcosm of you, is exactly the same as the macrocosm of this earth planet.


I sincerely hope that you have been inspired.

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