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May Mini Package

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May Special…lets clear the way forward


2 skype consultations and a 6 month recorded soul overview

Consultations with Raelene are extremely individualised, locating the blocks, the old beliefs perhaps the wall you keep banging your head against, then to open up pathways for forward movement towards your desires, goals, dreams, big picture

When you have awareness of the issue, and sometimes it is an unconscious thing, you are then able to take action

We all have the answers to all our issues, problems and challenges, yet we often require someone unrelated, objective to reflect back to us what is happening

Sometimes, we are unaware of the old patterns, beliefs still playing out until they are brought into our consciousness.

Getting stuck in mental grooves and habits will keep you facing the same problems and achieving the same results or lack of…then frustration arises, the feeling of not being enough, can’t achieve, we chip away at our sense of fabulousness. All that is happening is you are recreating, reliving, rehashing an old pattern which will always deliver the same outcome

I can see into your energy field, see  the ages where things have become stuck, times where the same belief has knocked you over. And it is important to remember that 85% of the beliefs we have running our lives were all absorbed and installed by the time we were 7. How many of your beliefs are from others? and you are living their ‘stuff” and wondering why things are not working out.

We start to reclaim our own pathway by releasing the stuff that is not ours. It is a journey for the rest of your life, but wow what things you will discover and bring into your world!!!

soul overview6-month soul overview is a month by month map of focal points of what you can grow within you, helping you listen and connect to your inner language in a more confident way. When we start to understand ours souls language, we can find our answers for anything in life faster.. This is recorded and emailed to you. Each month has a focal point, and a lot of information is given to help you create brand new reference points in life, perhaps new ways of not only seeing yourself but life. Read more about overviews here

There is only a limited number of spaces due to the deep work’Intersted?…

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