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July 2016 – cover issue

June 2016 – pge 25 What Happens when we are Kind to Ourselves first?

May pg 29 – Is Fear Holding you Back?

April – When Life gives you Lemons……


Dec 2015 – Interview with Michelle Lightworker

Nov 2015 – interview with Tom Cronin


June 2014 – interview with Shellie Morris


Dec 2013 – Be your own Sorcerer

Nov 2013 – What is going on in the Mancave? (haha loved that one)

Oct 2013 the call of the feminine energy

Sept 2013 sustainable mind body and soul

July 2013 freedom choice and co-operation

June 2013 the gifts of self nurturing

May 2013 You’re more creative than you think

April 2013 Change in a Heart Beat

March 2013 our body as a receiver

Feb 2013 – Discipline …. Oneness


Dec 2012 – Time to Choose….

Nov 2012 – Self Discovery – organic Detox


July 2016

Holistic Bliss magazine, July 2016 – Soul Whispering…on page 12 – 13 – click here

June 2016

Holistic Bliss magazine, June 2016 – Kindness to Self and Others…on page 24 – 25 – click here

May 2016

Holistic Bliss magazine, May 2016 – Is Fear Holding You Back…on page 28 – 29 – click here

April 2016

Holistic Bliss magazine, April 2016 – When Life Gives you Lemons… Make Lemonade – click here

January 2016

Holistic Bliss magazine, January 2016 – Article on Michelle Lightworker …on page 16 – 17  – click here


December 2015

Holistic Bliss magazine, December 2015 – Interview with Michelle Lightworker  – click here

November 2015

Holistic Bliss magazine, November 2015 – interview with Tom Cronin – click here


June 2014

Holistic Bliss magazine, June 2015 – interview with Shellie Morris – click here


December 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, December 2013 – Be your own Sorcerer…on page 20 – click here

November 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, November 2013 What’s going on in the Man Cave? on page 20 – click here

October 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, October 2013 The Call of the Feminine Energy  on page 18 – click here

September 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, September 2013 Sustainable Mind Body & Soul  on page 31 – click here

Crystal Resonance Magazine, September 2013 click here

July 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, July 2013 Freedom Choice and Co-operation  on page 18 – click here

June 2013

Holistic Bliss Magazine, June 2013. The gifts of Self Nurture. page 17 – click here

May 2013

White Light Magazine, Autumn. Choosing Peaceclick here to subscribe 

Holistic Bliss Magazine, May 2013, You are more Creative than you think on page 16 – click here

April 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, April 2013, Life changed in a heartbeat on page 16  – click here

March 2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, March 2013, Our Bodies as receivers on page 17  – click here

February  2013

Holistic Bliss magazine, February 2013, Oneness through Self Discipline on page 18  – click here


December 2012

Read Raelene’s article in the December issue of Holisitic Bliss Magazine on page 20  – click here

November 2012

Holistic Bliss magazine, November 2012, Self Discovery, your own organic Detox on page 15  – click here

September 2012

Holistic Bliss magazine, September 2012,The Significance of Success, on page 16 – click here

July 2012

Holistic Bliss magazine, July 2012, Rites of Passage, on page 16 – click here

May 2012

Holistic Bliss magazine, May 2012, Valuing yourself, values your soul on page 16 – click here

April 2012

Holistic Bliss magazine, April 2012, The Enigma of Age, page 12 – click here

March 2012

Holistic Bliss magazine, March 2012, The Enigma of Age, page 12- click here

February 2012

Holistic Bliss Magazine, February 2012, Simple Abundance on page 12 – click here


November 2011

Holistic Bliss magazine, November 2011, Healthy Soul on page 13 – click here

October 2011

Raelene reviews new book, Planet Whispers – Wisdom from Soul Travelers around the World – due out in December – read the article here.

August 2011

FREE Intuition Teleseminar for Spirited Women’s Network to listen click here

June 2011

Holistic Bliss Magazine – Business With Soul read the article

29 April 2011

Catholic Secondary Schools Guidance Counsellors Conference, Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast. Raelene is guest presenter at this event.

March 2011
Meditation Video
Raelene Byrne & Jeremy Donovan Meditation March 2011 View the video

Holistic Bliss Magazine Article
Two Worlds announcement. The two day event to be held in June will include eight world-renowned presenters.The presenters will speak from the areas of life that get challenged with change: money, health, self-care, healing, ancient wisdom in modern times, goal setting, beliefs, mind matters, and more.
Holistic Bliss magazine article – Two Worlds announcement March 2011 (1052 KB)

Jan 2011 / Dec 2010
Woodford Folk Festival 2010-2011
Raelene will be facilitating crystal bowl meditations each morning and will be presenting a talk on healing with energy, crystals and much more in the Blue Lotus Tent


November 2010
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article
21st Century Addictions
 Holistic Bliss Article – 21st Century Addictions – November 2010(pdf 1165 KB)
October 2010
Insight Magazine Article
Razor’s Edge Between Competition and Co-operation
Insight Magazine Oct 2010 Article(pdf 3862 KB)
September 2010
White Light Festival September 18th and 19th 2010
Kawana Community Centre.
Raelene will be presenting both days.
August 2010

Holistic Bliss Magazine Front Cover and Article
Community Spirit to promote health on all levels
Holistic Bliss Magazine Cover Page Community Spirit Aug 2010 (pdf 104 KB)
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article Community Spirit Aug 2010 (pdf 141 KB)

July 2010
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article
Growth is in the silence
Holistic Bliss Magazine July 2010 Growth In Silence(pdf 467 KB)

May 2010
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article
Back to the basics…with the breath
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article Back to Basics (pdf 2065 KB)

Dr Steven Farmer with Raelene Byrne and Jeremy Donovan, 29 May 2010 Sedona, Arizona, USA

April 2010
Insight Magazine Article
Time For Australian Spirit Guides To Show Up
Insight Magazine April 2010 Time For Australian Spirit Guides To Show Up (pdf 406 KB)
Feb 2010
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article
Sacred Ceremonies
Holistic Bliss Article – Sacred Ceremonies Jan 2010 (804 KB)
January 2010
Spirited Womens’ Network Magazine Article
When The Didgeridoo Meets The Crystal Bowl
View the article

Health Harmony and Soul festival in Gold Coast


Jan 2010/Dec 2009
Woodford Folk Festival 2009-2010
Raelene Byrne, presented crystal bowl meditations every morning at the Woodford 2009-2010 Festival.  Presented on Energy Medicine forum with Scott Alexander King, Jeremy Donovan and others, where she spoke and answered questions from the public.
Presented group healing meditation with Jeremy Donovan on New Years Day to bring in the year with strong intentions.
7 December 2009
Light Worker Radio Station
Each day we are living with extraordinary purpose! Today I am talking with Raelene Byrne, spiritual guide, about her extradorinary purpose in life. You will leave this hour being inspired and motivated to LIVE OUT LOUD!!
Listen to the interview with Robin Marvel on the Blog Talk Radio Channel ‘Living Out Load’
December 2009
Holistic Bliss Magazine Article, Footprints Read the full article


January 2008
Insight Magazine Article
The Power of Acknowledgement, January 2008 edition
Insight Magazine January 2008 (pdf 1447 KB)
March 2008
Style Magazine, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Style Magazine Article Page 1, March 2008 (pdf 1622 KB)
Style Magazine Article Page 2, March 2008(pdf 1754 KB)