Loving to share messages of simplicity, inspired living, energy, mindfulness, and soul connection, I have actively been writing, public speaking, radio interviews and offering ways to live a more soul connected way with ease.

Featured Cover Stories (Holistic Bliss magazine) ~ Shellie Morris, Tom Cronin, Michael Roads, Gregg Braden
Articles in USA magazines
Interviews on the radio in Australia,  USA and SE Asia
Speaker and presenter at National Conferences

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Quantum Manifestation Summit – October 4th, 2020

Inna Segal – Interview

Trish Rock TV – Interview

Scott Mathias – Raw Healthy Living

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orenda force of consciousness



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stories from the law of attraction


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our infinite power to heal 


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science and spirituality co-operating for our new world

WORDS Raelene Byrne

What would it take, for a person with an influential safe career in the lucrative field of science and the corporate world, to choose to walk away from a solid career path, to choose a new frontier of spirituality, to follow their own inner soul compass?
Once the question, based on an old paradigm, ‘What can I get from the world’î, changes to ‘What can I contribute or share in the world?’ enters into your awareness, there is only one option, CHANGE of life.

Meet Gregg Braden, a man with generosity of spirit, a scientist travelling, teaching and sharing with the world, information to bridge the polarity between spirituality and science-based evidence and protocols.

soul whispering

Mother, grandmother, wife, friend, international energy healer, speaker, writer, spiritual mentor, retreat facilitator; these are just a few ways to describe who Raelene Byrne is in the world. But spend even ten minutes with her and you will discover she doesn’t let titles define or limit her. With a determined benevolent-warrior spirit, she shows up as herself each and every time and inspires other souls to do the same.
Raelene’s words of truth in the verbal and written form are shared with such ease and grace as it’s not from a place of knowledge, it’s from a deeper wisdom. When we recently connected, I discovered new things about her and once again was reminded: when we move out of the head and into the heart, life flows and there is an authenticity with living.

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