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Medicine for your Spirit Bali Retreat 2017

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SEPTEMBER 5th to 12th


I am inviting you, to listen to the call of your soul , to join me for this retreat, a week of  adventures, healing, nourishment,  realisations, experiences of stepping through your own thoughts and  your old habits, the restricted aspects still binding you to your “comfort zone” and welcome the opening of space,  allowing what is within you to reveal itself in a joy filled, supported discovery while in Bali. There is something within you whispering, beckoning, softly nudging you to wake up, show up, step up, follow up, to take up the reins of your life, the very life you came  to this planet to truly live.

Residing for a week in a gorgeous eco sustainable retreat centre,  complete with AMAZING cafe which serves all organic, vegan food, an on site day spa, pool. quiet space, yet walking distance to the hub of a township. This is a place to become intimately connected with the SACREDNESS of your inner world, that subtle undercurrent of movement asking you ‘if not now when?..if not me then who?

The retreat experiences woven together,  are about exploring just beyond your edge, safely, facing some common sub-conscious blocks and moving through them in gentle, yet courageous ways.

Included in this week,  is a secret jungle walk, temples not quite on the tourist trek, ones that are in rural areas offering something different and rich, a visit to an island to swim with manta rays or snorkle in crystal cove…depending on weather, daily sharings, creating a powerful alchemy vessel all about you for your forward journey with a fabulous artist, meditations, massages, a shirodhara experience, bike ride down a mountain and more more more

While all this is happening, you still get plenty of down time, rituals, deep meditations and the MOST YUMMMMM food

There will be a “preparation” experience for the month previous to attending retreat. This is to align you, awaken and bring what you most need to address, love, clear, let go or allow to the surface. You will discover more about you from a deeper understanding and as a retreat creator, facillitator, I will have more insight into the things you need for your own personal support.

After running sold out retreats in Sedona and Mt Shasta USA for years, it is time to expand into another area of this planet to support the consciousness shift we are moving through. We are each here to light up this world with our own unique self, so lets discover adn remember that on this retreat, strengthen it, observe the limiting restrictions and find ways to move onward.

I feel I need to say, if you are after pampering, you will get that, after you have done your adventuring. The rewards for your endeavours in embracing the inner call to be you. Just like in real life, we celebrate after the hard yakka, …so come along, if you are ready for this next step, well LEAP in your life.

What I will do for you.

  • I am holding a space for those who want REAL depth, change, while be willing and prepared to step out of the old safety nets
  • I will challenge you to see who you truly are
  • I will hold you as you break through
  • I will support your new-found courage
  • I will laugh with you, celebrate with you, feel your obstacles and gently but courageously help you move through it.
  • I will call you on your patterns
  • I will hold space for each of the attendees, to feel supported, loved, seen, cherished as the transformation takes its hold
  • I will help you put strategies in place for your future life
  • I KNOW you are worth it and I want you to KNOW that, in every fibre of your being, every cell in your body, every energetic impulse moving from you into the world.

What I ask from you.

  • You will gain a lifelong understanding of your souls language, how to listen and take action without fear
  • You will benefit more than  can be spoken of if you are able to be prepared to contribute all of you and MORE
  • You will feel relieved to finally unburden the parts that are not you
  • You will have some glimpse and anchoring of images that remind you of your true expansive self
  • You will be surprised at the courage you already have
  • You will laugh
  • You will cry
  • You will shift
  • You will be annoyed, angry, perhaps pissed off with yourself and others, and you will be able to see why and how to navigate it
  • You will shift subconscious conditionings
  • You will have fun
  • You will have all your senses filled
  • You will fall in love with life, you, your life
  • You will have tools, skills, processes to engage in when anything happens in your world.


So if interested, sign up here, and you will be delivered more information

Join me bring all that you are into a space of recognition and liberation