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You can create a habit of healthy mindful awareness.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Impreza Meditation is not a hard thing to sit in. The most challenging thing about meditation is to create the time to do it.

This is a time to honour yourself and your journey. These meditations offer insights where you will supported in a sacred circle. You will experience connections to higher energies and as a result will benefit from healing and insights. Questions and sharing of higher wisdom in a safe and supported group.

Attend A Meditation

Oxygenates Blood

Creating the opportunities to learn more of yourself and the stillness that you have

Releases Tension

feeling your energy

Flushes negative emotions

feeling the power that you have and being able to bring it forward

Ease frustration

changing the thoughts and aiming for higher ones

Settle feelings of anger

taking the space to create the changes in yourself with some guidance

Clears anxiety

learning how to soften and let go of all that no longer serves you

Releases depression

opening up to more awareness and the choices you make

Relief to mind & body

convert any challenges you face into positive enlightened think

State of Stillness

Meditation comes in many forms and there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to achieve this state of stillness. There are many forms of meditation and from my prospective, you find which way works for you and you move into that way. I have tried all methods from being given a personal mantra, to the Buddhist practice of stillness and mindfulness, transcendental, guided, and each one has wonderful benefits. Meditation has many proven effects on the wellbeing and health of your physical body, the rejuvenation of the mind, the clarity and many answers come to you once you engage in this agelss practice of breath and dropping into stillness.

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Ancient Skills

Medical research is proving that the ancient skill of meditation is creating many health benefits in people around the world. Over the last few years I have been facilitating meditation groups and have found that people are enjoying the guided visualisations, the guided journeys and the calling in of different energy and frequencies which bring about deep levels of healing. These people feel more connected to their inner world, are healthier, happier and confident in the choices they make in their lives. So I invite you to listen to the sample meditation, and if you feel it is your truth, if you feel you are worth investing time every week to discover more of who you are and creating more peace, and space in your life, if you feel you deserve some moments of surrender and peace, stillness and connecting into your essence, then please join us each week for the meditations.

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Live Meditations

With these live meditations, we discuss the energetics that are affecting the planet, our world and us. Sometimes there is some astrological news, and other pieces of relevant information for you to achieve greater understandings about the world around us and how we can utilise this information to create a better day or week or environment for ourselves. This is a journey of deep self discovery, empowerment and the connecting to the source of your own infinite wisdom. Once you feel this, you will have greater peace, more contentment, less chaos in your mind, be clear in the decisions you make, will be happier, stronger, healthier, joyful, and will radiate a light of your essence that others will notice and want as well.

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What others say about me

Raelene is a most delightful ‘Woman of Light’; her warmth, genuine caring and grounded spirituality shine through in all that she embraces. Over the years I have attended many of Raelene’s public speaking events and ceremony’s, and I have personally found Raelene’s work to be profoundly transformational as it moves people into deeper heart spaces of their authentic selves. My deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to Raelene for being a leader of conscious change and for helping people awaken to their innately joyful states of beingness. Much LOVE beautiful friend.
Simone Mathews
Raelene’s is the embodiment of authenticity, wisdom and divine connection. Through her readings I obtained enormous clarity and connection to my own inner truth and wisdom. The reading could not have come at a more perfect time as my thoughts, feelings and perceptions were cloudy and unclear. The path ahead for me is a conscious co-creation with the divine, and through Raelene’s insight, this path was illuminated. The experience was like my own soul and inner truth talking openly and clearly to me, something I had been craving for. After receiving the reading in March 2014, I still re listen to the readings every few weeks to gain new insights and perspectives. I am humbly grateful to Raelene for showing me back to myself and my own divine nature.
Faith Redi

Sometimes the understanding of the play of planetary influences can allow you to approach things in your life from a different viewpoint so you can maximize your potential in all things. What you do with any of this is entirely your responsibility. I would like to offer the information to assist us all in creating the lives we want and deserve with ease and grace - Raelene Byrne