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meet raelene byrne


Is this all there is in life ?
What am I really here for ?
Where and what is true happiness ?
Who am I ?
What is this life all about?
What is the purpose of my life?
is there something else  I am  meant to be doing?

When these questions arise, you know your soul is asking you to listen, to look at the change in life, to connect to a wise part of you that maybe you have not been acquainted with before, to ‘remember your true soul purpose.

Each of us has said YES to being here on earth in this great time of evolution and change.  The next big yes we are being invited to look at is, are you ready to connect to your inner truth, your inner power, your inner wisdom, your inner light and BECOME that.

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message from raelene


My journey started eons ago, with a pulse of light amongst an infinite ocean of lights. 

Arriving here on planet earth, I had forgotten who I was, and lived a life trying to fit in, not very well I might add, diminishing myself for safety, comfort, and acceptance.  Existing in a world where every living thing is looking for love, safety and security, I followed the normal requirements of general life…, do what I was told, attempt to live up to expectations, avoid conflict, don’t speak up, follow others lead, diminish my dreams, passions and imaginings and lose any connection to my own power to choose, let alone have an opinion, just to fit in and be accepted.

One day the internal light switched on, a brilliance I had never felt or seen before, and from that moment, my life changed in every aspect, every cell, every bit of space between matter, every vibration…I felt I was on my way home!!

These  10 words changed everything for me

Everything you need to know, you already have within you, were spoken to my soul by an acupuncturist and I felt the awakening of my  energy,  in a heartbeat. When I left the clinic that day, I saw life differently and somewhere within I knew I had a responsibility to expand, learn,  question, change, and grow.

There was a purpose, hope, lightness, expansiveness, nature was glowing, and my thirst to ‘remember’ became unquenchable.

I read, I went to courses, attended workshops, learned new skills, techniques, new ways of thinking, and “being”,  became my quest, the Holy grail. The more I learnt, the more I realised how little I knew. I had a great scholastic education, but none of it was relevant as i ventured into my inner world. 

The feelings can’t be taught, the personal truths arise when they need to, the sense of being valued had NOTHING to do with what I was achieving but EVERYTHING to do with how I felt about myself.

One of the common teachings in all systems, modalities and healing techniques is SELF CARE.

We are NOT being selfish to spend time and energy taking care of ourselves, we are in fact HONOURING and RESPECTING who we are becoming.

Learning many modalities and growing through them allowed me to offer these as services, which gave me opportunities to go deeper in my wisdom and help others in the ‘awakening process’.

I finally remembered who I was and every day I look forward to who I am becoming, these are the truths that fill my soul, lift my spirits and allow me to contribute in many ways on all levels globally. 

Meditation, for me became a ritual, a sanctuary of awareness and peace.

Rituals became and still are food for my soul, these allow the experience of what we are thinking, intending, dreaming, and feeling into the reality of life.

Ceremonies allowed me to create space for others to experience their own unique self, within a sacred capsule of intention, inspiration and intuition.

Public speaking allows me to share the gifts of some wisdom and experience accrued in my life,  to many more people seeking, looking and starting to wake up

Writing is the portal which opens the joy within me,  bringing creativity from energetic impulses ( thoughts and ideas) into physical matter ( articles, books and insights) to share and hopefully inspire those who read the words strung together from inspiration.

Working with groups of people offering experiences of energy, running events for large groups of people from all walks of life for dynamic energetic shifts, even holding a powerful healing space for individuals to reconnect to their own soul, are passions that light me up, and energise my life.

We are all in this together, we are all connected we are all energetic beings we are all birthed from light, we are all evolving, we are all united in humanness, we are all souls remembering

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