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Meeting your Best Buddy


18342359_10158566266770007_9036674541260089170_nAwareness tip of the day…find your best buddy

I would love to introduce you to my best friend.
She is weird, quirky, blunt, and direct. Has a heart that beats for the planet. I love that about her
We share the same passion for yoga, smudging, meditation, rituals,  ceremonies, self-empowerment, truth, nature, sunshine, sacred music and information on the planetary and evolutionary change.
We have a few secret giggles and we have our own language.
Time is never a problem, we can take as long as we like doing what we love, lingering over a chai, gazing into open fires,  we love reading the same books, and eye roll at the same things.
Our walks on the beach are filled with rich, deep inspirations, messages and aha moments
We love going to the same places, watching the same movies, rock hopping, walking up mountains, and she is the best mermaid buddy ever.
How did I end up with such a great friendship?
I became that person
My best buddy in life is me

Friendships and relationships come and go in life, that is the nature of the human beast. However, you are with you all the time, you are the constant in your life. Why not be best buddies with you?

Over the years my time on my own has become a precious joy-filled time. I do what I love. I do not have to compromise, hurry up, or accommodate others when I am with my best buddy, me.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I have some heart and soul friends who I would slay a million bulls for, would be at their side in a heartbeat and I LOVE my time with them. My life is so full because of their input, love, conversations, shared moments.

Learning to be with yourself is a challenge for many of us, as we are so used to being entertained by external things., constantly looking for the next thing to do, wanting to fill any ‘void’ time with something, anything, so you have a focus point to take you away from you.
What is it that we are so frightened of in ourselves that, we will do anything to avoid listening, observing, even owning?
Responsibility to show up each day as you is up to you. Self-acceptance is the beginning, the end and everything in between,  in order to feel comfortable and aligned with you as you are at any moment. If you can’t accept you, then how dare you expect others to fill that emptiness, that ache, that need….it is impossible.
Being annoyed with others, walking away from friendships, getting pinged off with other people’s attitudes, actions etc, is telling you something. Are you willing to look at it in yourself?
You know I get annoyed with me at times, and I have to detach from life to face whatever is up for me, and to be honest, it is always an old pattern or thought process wanting to be let go of, otherwise, I am blocking knowing more of me.
I could avoid it, and be actively engaged in being busy, but the seed of discomfort, the message of the inner world NEVER goes away until you man up.
What we all have to remember is that each of us IS the common denominator in our life. We need to buddy up with our self, love it, nurture, have fun, be grateful, develop the dialogue, have trust, be aware,   show up, and move into gentle acceptance every moment of every day, understanding we are doing the best we can.

Make yourself your best buddy and share that joy with life.
Dedicated to a gorgeous friend…Julia Lowe..thanks for your input, inspiration and fun..over all these years…yes you and I both have really amazing best buddies…hahahahah

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