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Munay Ki, Shamanic Initiations

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One of the callings in my life has been from the natural world, the wilderness and the oceans sing to me and whenever I can be in those spaces, my spirit is filled and fuelled. Over the years the work I have been offering has taken on the deep teachings and liberating knowledge of the shamanic traditions.

Munay Ki, a South American tradition of shamanic teachings, in it’s simplest form means : I Love you”. Based on the teachings of the Laika, earth keepers of ancient times who accepted stewardship for all creation. Through study of wisdom teachings and living with discipline of prayer, practises and awareness, they became powerful healers and leaders in shamanic work.

These rites are not for a person seeking something else to do , there is a deep yearning, a calling from spirit to make a difference in the wold, and in your life. When you are filled with that pure intent, and your heart is open, then the rites can be undertaken.

As you receive the 9 rites, you will find yourself in the company of earth keepers who lives thousands ofyears ago, luminous beings who are now part of the matrix of life assisting and adding their power and wisdom to yours

Receiving these rites clears your luminous energy field ( light body), raises your personal vibration, upgrades the quality of your DNA which influences who you are becoming, assisting the chakra system to acquire a rainbow body.

There is always a strong knowing and tangible sense of strength from the inside. Your courage grows, your clarity of your own purpose is strengthened, your energy body becomes contained, you choose to be more about the world than about the drama, you find solutions to all things quickly. It is like you are effervescent from the inside.



1st rite

Healers rite..this assists in personal healing and that of those you work with or are connected to

2nd Rite

Installing the bands of Power and protection into your luminous energy field

3rd Rite

Harmony Rites.. is the receiving 7 archetypes into your chakras

4th Rite

Seers Rites… installing the filaments of light extending from visual cortex in back of head to 3rd eye and heart chakra

5th Rite

Day Keepers Rite..connecting to the ancient stone altars through out the world, the process of healing the feminine

6th Rite

Wisdom Rites…Haling the masculine, stepping out of time to taste infinity

7th Rite

Earth keepers Rite..connecting to the guardians of the galaxy

8th Rite

Star Keepers Rite…where you begin to evolve to homo luminous, acquiring stewardship of time to come

9th Rite

Creator Rite…awakening the god light within and acquiring stewardship for all creation

As we evolve in these huge times on the earth, these teachings are coming forward for us to embrace and to move forward
If you feel the deep heart yearning, the soul call for these initiations, then please contact me at
I would be honoured to guide you on this remembering, aligning and awakening process of your luminous energy field.