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From the bottom of my humble heart and soul I welcome each of you to my world of connecting to the spectacular self, the you that is waiting to burst into life with courage, power, and wisdom.

My intention for each visitor, is that you will find some tool, some guidance, some insight, some inspiration that will allow you to choose what you want in your life. You may feel the urge to connect with me and I welcome that.

I believe from the core of my being that ‘Our thoughts create our World” and the simplicity of applying that to your life makes the changes that you can experience transformationally empowering. You are no longer a victim but a creator of your life

I invite you to breathe with me, explore the offerings in this site and feel your heart speak to you if you find something here that resonates in your life.

The world we live and play in is rapidly changing. I hope that I can assist you in the direction of your life if you wish to expand, raise your vibration, be all that you are and allow this with the ease and grace that is all around. It is the choices we make that define the very next moment and breath in our lives.

bali retreat 2017
first new moon 2017
Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Maroochy Sailing Club Hall, Chambers Island

First new moon of 2017, Chinese New year and to celebrate we have Suntara, aka Daniel Coates, offering an incredibly profound Sound immersion. A deeply soul fuelled journey of drum, chanting, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, voice and MAGIC. Let’s set a CLEAR directive for our own personal soul journeys on January 28th new moon, supported by the Chinese new year of the fire rooster. A time to gather around a crystal grid dedicated to aligning with the abundance of life, meditating, visualising journey and then to anchor it all with the sound journey from Suntara.
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soulful womens empowerment workshop
Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 1 PM – 5 PM
Peregian Beach Community House

Nurturance, Empowerment & Inspiration for Your Feminine Soul. Unravel the wisdom of the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards. Using the cards, you’ll learn how to connect to your emotional guidance system and open up your intuition. Shushann Movsessian and Gemma Summers are offering their guidance and practical exercises during a half day workshop with like minded women. Together you will be supported to find inner answers to your deepest questions, relax into life’s flow and trust in divine timing.
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into your heart retreat
spirit of buusiness
The Business of Spirit and the Spirit of Business is the answer to the often asked questions of those who are in the planetary process of awakening, the many and varied ways to navigate their life once spirit or self-awareness has tapped them on the shoulder or kicked them in the rear end to get them moving.
You know, over the past few decades I have had the great privilege to meet incredible inspiring people like you who go about their life, their work and their own personal growth in ways that make a huge difference to others.
For years now I’ve wanted to gather you all together to share some information, stories, practical tools and your own inspiring ways of being and …


Mother, grandmother, wife,friend, international energy healer, speaker, writer, spiritual mentor, retreat facilitator … these are just a few ways to describe who Raelene Byrne is in the world. But spend even ten minutes with her and you will discover she doesn’t let titles define or
limit her. With a determined benevolent warrior spirit, she shows up as herself each and every time and inspires other souls to do the same.

Raelene’s words of truth in the verbal and written form are shared with
such ease and grace as it’s not from a place of knowledge, it’s from a deeper wisdom. When we recently connected, I discovered new things about her and once again was reminded: when we move out of the head and into the heart, life flows and there is an authenticity with living.


Carrens CouchListen to the full Raelene Byrne interview on Carrens Couch.

22 January 2017

Consciousness tip of the day…take yourself on an adventure.
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21 January 2017

Consciousness tip of the day…find some stillness. This doens’t mean you have to go to a cave and disappear from life to achieve a higher state of knowing, or being. The action of finding some stillness in the day, or within you allows for intergration, births creativity, reconnects you back to your state of being, creates space to reflect, contemplate, offers reconciliation and pause. In my expereince, stillness takes me into a place of timelessness.
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Navigate your evolution with Raelene!