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Peace , Om Shanti, Shalom are words that evoke a sense of unity and stillness within and a remembering of something that we have at our core.

Yesterday I attended the 1 Giant Mind, Bali Experiment meditation for peace. To get there was an epic experience as the traffic is completely insane. Cars and motorbikes navigating streets that seem to me, to be made for bicycles. Trucks parked in a way that blocked half the road, meaning that cars were literally squeezing past with the paint on the car’s exterior “whispering” to that on the car you past. Imagine here that intake of breath, (trying to get your vehicle to become smaller as well), the eyes closed tight and the hope and you make it through the narrow opening. The complete mayhem was part of the journey to this event. All you can do is surrender to the patience and laugh at the craziness that we have created.

Arrival at the beach car park provided more contrasts to the ‘meditation’ that we were heading to. Thousands of motorbikes, locals cooking and seeling their ‘delicacies’, soccer game occurring, many tourists wandering, playing, swimming, and amongst it all a perfect ‘altar’ on the beach.

“I Giant Mind” sign was surrounded and supported by the colour of Bali, the flowers adorning this gathering, incense, the ocean, the breeze, all holding a place for those who attended to send the intention for Peace into this world. There was a gorgeous group who sang mantras before the meditation master took the gathering into a meditation.

What I felt when I sat there amongst this cacophony of noise, is that peace is so achievable. No matter where you are, who you are with, what the situation is, the moment we engage in the inner world and invoke peace, we are there. In a breath, in a heart beat.

Peace is universal, it isn’t something we have to fight wars for, it isn’t something outside of ourselves, it isn’t something that is seen as an ‘ideal’, it is us…how we are or how we can be in any moment. How you choose to react, how you choose to think, what you speak about, what your thoughts are. We create the angst, frustration, and lack of peace by not being present, by believing that things are difficult and happening to us, to create dramas that make our lives difficult. By spending time in our mind, stuck in our thoughts and believing all the mental chatter, we stay in a chaotic place, feeling that peace is something that we have to struggle and strive for, something outside of ourselves that we need to work really hard for in order to achieve in this life. Life is not that hard……Peace is always there. One person at a time can make a difference by choosing peace for themselves.

Choose peace, not as a submissive action, but as a powerful stance coming from the centre of you. Speak your truth with an open heart, allow life to be as it is, as we know, the reflections of life that we keep being shown, reveals the world we have within. Practise being in peace, and see your outer world follow your hearts wisdom.

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