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11:11 Gateway Activation and Meditation With Raelene

Thursday 11 November you are invited to an online meditative and activation experience guided by Raelene.

In this critical time on planet earth and in our own evolution, we have an opportunity to lift our awareness, energy and vibration with this universal gift, an alignment that opens a doorway for us to step through if we choose it

There is no need to fight for what we want, we are required to know, feel and direct our actions to bring into reality  the life we want, the world we dream of to live in. This all happens when we remember the light that we are, the frequency we have each brought into this human experience, the resonance we are being asked to radiate back into life.

This webinar will take you through a deeply guided meditation working at DNA levels,  remembering the light within and fuelling that with the love that life keeps offering us so we can share it out from our own uniqueness.

This is a potent gateway energy and a call to step into your own expansive glorious self. The world is waiting for us to remember this!!!

I would LOVE to include some energy and intentions for our earth, and her inhabitants.


Your confirmation order will include:
Download link my 11.11 Gateway PDF booklet with templates and rituals.
Zoom link for the 11.11 Online Meditative and Activation
7 PM AEST Qld / 8 PM AEDT NSW & Vic,
please check for other timezones.
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