11:11 Gateway Activation eBook & Activation Meditation


There is something magical about seeing 11:11.
There is a ‘feel’ deep within us that asks the question…what does this mean?..
Curiosity and, fascination give rise to a need to seek out answers to understand It is like a message from the universe, a call to awareness.
On this day 11:11, we remember the light that we are, we prepare for a move forward, we open up to the souls next level of evolution.
Up until recently, I held this live event for people to embody this ‘lighting up’ experience.
This year I have been called to a Sacred Site to sit in meditation on 11:11 far away from normal life.
My ongoing commitment to making this a day of deep importance for us all to change our focus in how we want life to be, has allowed me to offer this experience in a book and meditation activation recording.
The e-book is filled with information about the modern day history of 11:11 in our collective consciousness, the numerology and why I created labyrinths of light to change our perspectives and focus for these new evolving times.
There is also a meditation activation to ignite your inner light.

Let’s light up this world from within.

You will receive a purchase confirmation email with two links to download the eBook and the mp3.
Note: The mp3 is 45 Minutes and 60 Mb in size for the download.

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