6 Month Soul Overview With Mentoring

Personalised soul work, journeying and connection!

$200 a month for 6 Months
or $1,000 for the 6 months (Saves $200)
& Personalised MENTORING

Payment in Full – Save $200


6 Monthly Payments of $200
Via PayPal Subscription

What is a Soul Overview

Navigating life can be confusing if you are not clear about your own self,  purpose, even direction. It can be like wandering through a maze where we meet dead ends constantly, back tracking to find our new way, repeating similar steps that take us around in circles, wearing us down and eventually giving up, prepared but perhaps not happy, to go about  life that happens to us, instead of creating the life we truly want for ourselves..

Consider a 6 month soul overview. These are recorded specifically for you and your journey ahead. NOT in a prophetic way, but in a connected way to your own spirit. Listening to the wisdom from within and being guided about things to focus on, align with, move through, evolve past and vibrate towards.

Imagine you are being taken on a walk through an expansive jungle, or botanical garden. As your guide, I am able to see, point out and draw your attention to the many things that you may not see. Our way of viewing life is taught to us, and many things are ‘unseen’ until you are shown what they are. My job is to do that…. Open you up to more of who you are, with ways to bring those parts into the comfort of being all that you are in any moment.

Each month is a theme that your soul is wanting you to align with. As I tune in, many simple practises, processes, tips and ways to stay anchored with a new reference are given.

Every month builds on the next one, which builds a strong foundation, a new platform to keep evolving from.


  • At the start of each month, you will receive your personally recorded monthly overview that is about 40 minutes of deep information to support you with insights, release, awareness,  simple practises which all strengthen your connection to your own inner knowing


  • A monthly Awareness insight will be posted to you in the mail, hand selected, and presented to keep you focused on your soul journey


  • A 30 minute zoom call with me each month, to answer questions, offer alignments, tweak anything that is occurring, sometimes some energy healing


  • I will be like a ‘hand on the back’ as I guide, offer intuitive support, and shine lights into areas you may need to visit within your own life.


  • An image will be emailed to you to accompany the spread of cards which will offer your

~monthly theme, with a meditation, ritual, small activity to work with

~what you may need to surrender into or surrender up

~grounded and practical information

~an animal spirit to support and the plant/oil to work with

~a divine guardian to call in for help

~an element to focus on


The complete package looks like this


  • 40 minute personally recorded monthly overview
  • An image of the cards for a deeper connection
  • 30 minute zoom call with me each month for tweaking, questions or healing
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