Down To Earth Divinity Program


Raelene is offering a 6 week portal and potent energetic container to simplify, while offering easy doable efficient and effective tools, that you can utilise for the rest of your life, no matter how advanced you become.

Each week, in a zoom call, Raelene will explain various techniques, and ways to incorporate them into your life. Often the most simple techniques have the most biggest impact in our lives.

Week 1 – What makes you YOU, Energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance.
Week 2 – Grounding, balanced, aligned, clearing, breath awareness, the power of self nurture.
Week 3 – Feelings, conscious mindfulness. meditation, intuition, awareness, healing.
Week 4 – Inner connection, focus, true abundance, sacredness of your own uniqueness.
Week 5 – Flourishing through conflict and adversity, obstacles and blockages
Week 6 – Purpose, potential, pathways forward, meeting your future self.

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