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Future Self Alignment

Do you have those moments, when something triggers you, something from your past comes back to play, haunt and distract you from where you are right now or where you are going?

Our brain LOVES to be entertained, so when we have an old memory arise, from a trigger in daily life, our trusty brain recalls the event, the thoughts play out, the feelings arise, as our brain has no idea it is a past event, something already lived and moved beyond.

So, here we are, reliving, reacting and rehashing a past event yet AGAIN. It can be tiring, exhausting and plain boring.

What if we can do the same thing but with our future self?

This simple process and activation has been very useful, helpful and a strong guidance for myself and others I have shared it with, to get the flow of movement happening towards the future we are creating.

The beauty of this activation, is that it only takes a few moments.

Namaste, Raelene

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