Healing and Support Circle with Raelene

I will be running a healing circle for 8 weeks from …

Monday Evening 6.30 PM QLD/AEST From May 15th to July 3rd, 2023
(Please check for other timezones.)


Thank you for holding such an amazing course.  I felt so connected to everyone in the group, like we were “old” friends.  It was wonderful how we all supported each other and held the space. 

I cannot recommend this enough. Such beautiful people to meditate with and Raelenes meditations were truly incredible, inspirational, healing, compassionate, spot on and amazing. Thanks Raelene xx ~ Shayle W

I am so pleased that I have learned how to meditate with no words and will continue to do the daily five minute one for everyone in the group, along with my other meditations. ~ Elaine M

The world at a glance is in a mess.

People are feeling ill, lost, uncertain, fearful, stressed and sometimes helpless in these current dynamics of transformation at a global level.

The ability to move through these chaotic energies is entirely up to each of us. There is a call for action, to make a change, create a difference and it all begins with each of us.

Being able to have an anchor point within ourselves of steadiness, calm, stability, requires some new mindfulness, some healing, and some support.

One of the greatest powers humans have, is the ability to heal, to offer healing, to create a healing space, to intentionally send healing to a person, place, event, situation, planet, country and more.

There is an unlimited quality to the energy and connection humans have and can work with to support themselves, receive love, heal communities, and provide a valuable contribution to our earth.

We can extend these healing blessings and gifts as individuals, yet when we gather in a group, the intentionally power of  where this directed energy goes to,  is amplified to an enormous level.

Over many years I have been in the healing world, and have facilitated weekly meditation groups, large events and healing groups.

It is TIME NOW to create more of these circles of potent healing energy as the whole world, and her inhabitants are moving through the chaos of transformation.

You can make a BIG difference to your own world and that of the people around you for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

I would like to invite you to join in, to participate, and contribute on a weekly basis to the healing circles I am offering.

Once a week we will gather with a meditation, to connect us all with energy, intent and heart. Then we will place a nominated person from our group inside the ‘circle’ to receive the full impact of the healing energy they require. We will also as a group, send the light of our hearts to places on our planet, or leaders, or situations that could do with more calm or peace.

The energy from these groups builds within us. Tapping into our own intuitive knowing, you may see, or feel things such as clear or unique messages.

This is a great way to replenish your soul while being a service to a better world, contribute to the healing of others in a non-intrusive, but supportive and uplifting way.

That is how we make miracles happen!

These will run for no longer than an hour, each week for 8 weeks. There is a requirement to commit for 8 weeks. We meet in the zoom room for a weekly overview and the healing recipients are focused on, each day, each person is required spend ONLY 10 mins with a specific intention that is developed in the group meeting. (Can be done while having a shower, a juice a coffee, a break in the day.)

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