Soul Mentoring Sessions

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What is a soul mentoring session?

Raelene is a soul person, understanding a higher perspective, and able to translate that into a simple step by step process to build a more connected way of being and living.

Each step is found, new foundations are built,

Like building an intention tower, we have to find the base, make that strong and stable, so clearing out the imprints, confusion, beliefs that have been inherited, or installed, patterns that keep you living in another version of you, fulfilling expectations, chasing dreams that someone else thought you must follow, and more.

We find these, clear them, replace them with expansive, purpose driven new ways to be, act, and create.

Raelene brings all her skills, knowing, intuition, experience and expertise to every session for the transformational experience for those who show up.

It does take courage to want to alter your life, to know who you are, to create a new foundation and to start to live your soul purpose!

1 review for Soul Mentoring Sessions


    Raelene Byrne is an amazing intuitive reader, providing a wide range of insights and spiritual understanding. Raelene provided a wonderful session with clarification and relevant actions followed with liquid crystal remedies for ongoing support.
    I would recommend Raelene for your next Reading or Spiritual session.

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