Spiritual Support & Development Group 2023

Pause, Reflect, Connect & Act

Starting Thursday March 16th 2023, 7.00 PM AEST (Qld Time) for 6 Weeks
(7.30 PM AEDT for NSW / VIC. Please check other timezones.)

Earlybird $550 for the full 6 weeks!


2023 is a universal 7 year which means we are looking at deepening our connection to something within ourselves, a knowing, an awareness, a strengthening of our own confidence to create the souls life path and express it with ease

We will be finding things will slow down a bit, we will tend to pause, reflect, connect and  then act from a deep knowing. We will all be questioning many things, and will only find the answers relevant to us from our resources of our soul blueprint what we came here with.

This is a year that having a solid spiritual practise will be essential  and will save our nervous systems already in overwhelm, calm our minds and allow us to stay attuned to what we are creating, who we are becoming, and the life we are participating in with awareness

Never having time to be with yourself is never a good enough reason, so this 8 weeks will help you find little moments in your busy days to apply some of these techniques, embody the information and see yourself and the rest of life through new lens, the lens of your heart

Each week, there will be a webinar, or group call to cover a variety of topics with simplicity, practicality, do ability and skills to apply

Some topics that will be offered

Energy centres, and the aspects of self that are associated with them, how they show us where we are weak, where we are strong and the journey towards sovereignty

Grounded, earthed, balanced and aligned,..the importance of being in the now, connected to the earths energy grid, knowing your own balance point, attuning to peace

Nervous system nourishment, calming the nervous system, utilising the power of your own breath ( loads of techniques here),

Simplicity of ritual, how to , why , various ways to amplify your intentions, dreams, future goals

Intentions, inspiration, setting intentions clearly, our language, our feelings,

Oracle cards,  a tool  to be used for many many reasons, which we will cover.

Intuition and the importance of its language, tuning into your own intuitive self

Mantras, affirmations and declarations, the difference and working them

Soothing energy of meditation, some meditative techniques to employ

We will cover so much in 6 weeks, with lots of printable reminders

I would LOVE to support you in your spiritual development, your journey to know you from the light of your own soul.


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