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10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne
10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne

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Once a year on July 25th, we can stand in the eye of creation frequency on the Day out of Time.

To make the most of this potent time of creation as we end one galactic cycle and begin a new one, I have created a process that I have shared over the years. it is powerful and productive.


July 25th … my fav time of the year … Over the last few years, I have offered a journey through these 5 days of transition of daily rituals and practises to get the most out of this wonderful time . This is my most potent time to prepare and create for the year ahead…

July 25th, is universally acknowledged as the day out of time Based on the 13 moon cycle of the Mayan calendar, it is a day where we celebrate no time. The end of one cycle, a day to BREATHE, to have gratitude, to just BE in preparation for starting the next cycle on the 26th.

The original 13 moons x 28 days cycle was also used by the Egyptians (Thoth), Druids, Polynesians, Incas, some Native Americans and the Chinese. July 25th is the day that was not part of the 13 moon cycle. ( 13 moons x 28 day cycle = 364 days), it sits as the resting point, the doorway between an ending and a new beginning.

As July 25 does not belong to any moon or week in the 13 Moon Calendar, this day is an opportunity to truly experience timelessness, our freedom of being alive. We are invited to reflect, meditate, practice forgiveness, and prepare ourselves for the new cycle.

Every year, our Sun rises with the brightest star, Sirius, on July 26th. This is the day when the 13 Moon Calendar starts. It is believed that in this day our planet receives intense light and cosmic energy that accelerates our evolution.

In the Liquid Crystal teachings, thanks for bringing this to us Justin Moikeha Asar each day of the year has a crystal frequency that is most potent. On this” day out of time” and the few days leading up to it, we celebrate the energy of Garnet, which is ‘manifestation of life Purpose”. This is the ONLY day of the year that garnet frequency is offered from the earth.

Over this week we have some amazing crystalline frequencies being offered up from the earth to prepare us for this transition. Each of these crystal energies with their simple purpose only appears once a year, to herald the end of one cycle, to transition us into the new.

Day 1 … July 21st … Celestite, which is KNOWING

Day 2 … July 22nd …Elestial Quartz …. ANGELIC TRUTH

Day 3 … July 23rd … Dioptase …. HEALING HEART

Day 4 … July 24th … Peach Calcite … HARMONISE

Day 5 … July 25th …. Garnet … MANIFESTATION OF LIFE PURPOSE … The day out of time … DOORWAY ENERGY

We are creating our lives, our world, our selves…let’s be conscious, let’s be expansive, let’s have clarity,

Create a ritual for yourself, or gather a few people to honour the ancient wisdom, teachings and cycles that have delivered us to this moment, then invite yourself to embrace the next phase of life, step through the doorway of time into the next phase of you and evolution.

So celebrate with a ritual giving thanks for all that has transpired, and to invite in, to align and be prepared for the new cycle’s dawn. with my 10 page Vesica Pisces eBook.

Happy galactic travels into the new galactic year,

Blessings Raelene

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