Winter Solstice June 21st, 2023

Raelene Byrne Winter Solstice June 2023

Raelene invites you to this beautiful celebration of the Winter Solstice, with Samoko and Zakiya on drums.

Limited Tickets!

Date: Wednesday June 21st, 2023
Time: 7 PM to 8.30 / 9.00 PM
Location: Kiels Mountain

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Raelene invites you to this beautiful celebration of the Winter Solstice, with Samoko and Zakiya on drums. This vision to bring to life,  a flame shaped labyrinth walk, held  and supported by the power of drums is now here to be a part of. It will be AMAZING 

We call back the sun to light our lives

We call to our inner light to expand while we remember the light of the ancestors throughout time who have all stood in the wonder of the winter solstice in prayer,  gratitude and celebration.

The winter solstice is a powerful portal which signifies the return of the sun,  and for each of us, the light that is in our own hearts.

All our ancestors and ancestral lines at some point gathered, celebrated, and stood in ceremony as the sun rose to signal the turn of the season, the call of the earth to be warmed, the days to be more light filled

On Tuesday June 21st, we gather in the community to send our intentions and prayers, to offer our gratitude and call to us the  warming gaze and light  of a sun returning to our daily lives.

We will drum, be surrounded by the sound of drumming, becoming at one with the earth as we call to the sun, to awaken the solar energy, to bring the fire and light towards the southern hemisphere .

Drumming is so much the heartbeat of life, it is grounding, rhythmic, tribal, it moves through us with a resonance that awakens ancient knowing’s in our cells, in our blood,  in our DNA. We move, we dance, we stomp, we awaken within ourselves, we ignite our inner light to greet the suns light

I invite you to join the Winter Solstice event of a labyrinth of Light walk, which is like stepping into a sacred vortex filled with light, each candle flame, holding an intention, a prayer, a  heart call to each human awakening to their own light, connecting to rhythm of life and our collective.The venue will be pulsing with drums, light, hearts all beating together with a global prayer for our world, as well as standing in our own light with deep remembrance and respect for all that we are becoming..

Our hearts in unison with the earth’s heartbeat, while we walk through the labyrinth filled with light, to amplify our inner light, to open our hearts, to be at one with earth, life and cosmos

I welcome Samoko with his brilliance, his wisdom and his drumming to call us forward, to move the winter stagnation from our bodies, we also welcome Zakiya who will be drumming as well.

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