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Raelene Byrne, internationally recognised energy healer, retreat facilitator and leader, meditation teacher, educator of self empowerment through self knowledge, speaker, writer, shamanic practitioner, Advanced liquid crystal practitioner and earth guardian.
With 3 decades of remembering, learning, practising, the one thing that has been a constant in Raelene’s life is the power of Freewill, the expansiveness of stepping into your own unique potential, and the ultimate freedom of being exactly who you ALWAYS in any moment.
Having studied numerous forms of energetic healing, vibrational modalities, many forms of bodywork, spent years in service and support to many Hay House authors and leaders, Raelene has realised that the teachings from ancient times, that we all have everything we need within us, is indeed true. Stop, listen and act on your own inner guidance.

Message from Raelene

My journey has been a blessed one and I believe totally guided. From early teenage years I was interested in astral travel, crystals, ancient Egyptian history etc, so when the opportunity to explore these topics arose I decided to open the doors and walk through.

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What I offer, is the clarity to help the person I work with release all or any things that no longer serve a purpose in their life, to release any stagnant/stale energy that is causing them to feel that life is a struggle and they keep repeating the same patterns, to allow them to open up to their true potential, to realise their own strengths, direction and the basic understanding that at every moment in our lives we have choices.
Raelene Byrne

Living life by intuition and teaching others to do the same

This section written by Natialie Hennessy, and published in July 2009 Sprited Womens Network Newsletter

All of us are born with inner wisdom and knowing. It whispers to us in times of indecision and doubt, gently guiding us to choose what would be best for our higher good. Sometimes it is hard to hear, sometimes we don’t want to hear and sometimes we aren’t ready to hear. Some of us hear it perfectly and wish we had the courage to follow it in faith and trust regardless of doubt and fear.

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The Osprey Connection

You will see on the pages of this website an image of an Osprey. This magnificent sea bird came to me in the preparations for an event “ Earth Magic.” Each day I would venture to the local surf beach and sit amongst the rock pools as my time for stillness and reflection. These birds began visiting me, and each day they would show up, offering me the signs that all was well and going to plan.

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Raelene's Qualifications and Credentials

Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner, Star child Directives
Energetic and Vibrational Healing
Code Breaker
5th Dimension Visionary
Spirit medicine Woman
Massage Therapist
Sports Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
Shamanic practitioner
Bowen Technique
Diploma Herbal Medicine
Reiki 1& 2
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy
Energy Distribution Massage
Angel Intuitive
Angel Intuitive Advanced
Essence of Angel Practitioner
Crystal Healing
Isis Healing Level 1

Aura Drainage
Chakra Balancing
Ileo-Sacral Release
Fitness Leader
Orion Healing
Crystal Essence Practitioner
Raindrop Technique
Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique
Workshop facillitator
Meditation Group leader
Energy Clearing for Houses, Workplaces
Young Living Oil Distributor
Crystal Light Healing Practitioner
Worked as a volunteer at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive 3 day Courses in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Worked with Carolyn Myss as a volunteer for her one day event in Brisbane 2007
Volunteer at I Can Do it Sydney 2010
Worked as a volunteer for Esther and Jerry Hicks 2009
Represented Hay House as an Angel Intuitive doing single angel card readings