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Now that I look back, the whole thing about mind, body and spirit being healthy and in balance has been played out very clearly step by step. My first foray into alternate ways of living, well, I felt that it was a better way to live, it felt more realistic to me, was sourcing loads of information about food. Even back then, trust me it was a long time ago, I had the belief that good, vital foods feed not only our cells but our very soul.

So once informed, many dietary changes entered our household. One of the best things I did here was a Vegetarian cooking course. It has been with me ever since. The next step while being at home growing babies, was to learn about how to offer natural ways of healing so my children would not have to rely on a medical system that gave out antibiotics for everything. I wanted my children to have extremely strong immune systems and I could see that the link between diet, nutrition and health was very important. 

So I completed a Diploma in Herbal medicine which opened up an inquiring interest into vibrational and frequency modalities.(I investigated these later). Somehow life took an interesting detour and I became obsessed with aerobics……. Really a BIG thing in the 80’s. So, I enrolled and completed a fitness leaders course at the TAFE college and spent the next few years bouncing around doing High impact aerobics, step classes, water aerobics, and anything else that required a high physical energy output. Guess what, I started to feel depleted!!! Which was a blessing in disguise!

It took me to an amazing healer. A man who practised Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. To this day I have infinite gratitude to him and his beautiful wife, for the healing they gave me was to be the best lesson of all. They helped me to find me!! It was this gifted man, Doug Davies, who still operates an exceptional healing center in Melbourne, that told me ‘Everything you need to know, you already have inside’. And the other thing that changed my world for me was ‘Everything is perfect exactly as it is’.

Meditation became a huge part of my life as this man introduced me to the power of it. Transformation was inevitable, questions profuse, challenges took on a whole new perspective. This is where Reiki came to me, not long followed by Bowen technique. Now my interest in all things of energy and vibration started to take me through doorways that were wild, at times confronting, comforting and at the same time challenging. All my belief structures had to be re-assessed. What was my real inner belief about all things. Which beliefs were inherited through upbringing, how did I go about integrating all the things that I felt resonating in and around me. I just kept learning, reading, talking with people and trusting that each door that was presented to me was one I had to travel through.

So here we are……… body, mind and now spirit. All one, all together, each one supporting the other.
Many courses later, some wonderful teachers later, and a total trust in the process of life has brought me to this very moment in my life. I honour the gifts that have been opened up in me, the skills that I have acquired, the enormous amount of gratitude that I choose to live my life in, and the complete support of family, friends and the celestial realm.

a passion for health, wellness, balance and deep peace. To date my life has been guided to learn, experience, share and utilise any and all of the amazing tools that are available to us. I personally believe that any type of transformation in healing can be uncomplicated, painless, and in fact can be liberating in the understanding that comes with a release. After all the years of searching for the ’(k)new’ type of healing modality that would really ’do it’, I now know that everything we need to do, know, share, we already have inside us. Once I remembered this, the type of healing that I do is very in tune with the person who is on the table and I utilise all the skills that I have acquired over the years.

Healing is such a personal experience and there are no two sessions that are similar. The energy of Intention plays an enormous part in what I do. Every person I work with has the right to being presented with the highest healing intent possible. As the energy that has it’s own innate intelligence works through the physical body , many blockages, beliefs, negative patterns etc are exposed/revealed and are therefore released, removed and repaired, in all directions of time. There are many ’new age‘ terms, language, phrases etc that I could use here, but I choose to be simple and straightforward.

They serve a purpose in their life, to release any stagnant/stale energy that is causing them to feel that life is a struggle and they keep repeating the same patterns, to allow them to open up to their true potential, to realise their own strengths, direction and the basic understanding that at every moment in our lives we have choices. We can choose to be miserable, or happy, choose to have pain or peace, choose to repeat patterns or release them, choose ease over discomfort. Each person is honoured by the information that they will be given so they can become proactive in their own personal healing journey. Some of these things could be related to diet, herbs or even to the direction of going to see a practitioner. We all have a responsibility to our soul/spirit to be balanced, happy, healthy, abundant, radiant and living in truth.