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Latest Testimonials

Raelene’s energy work brings fantastic change to my life – I feel aligned and life just seems to ‘flow’ for me now! Raelene has helped me to clear barriers and let go of things that I didn’t even realise were holding me back. Honour yourself by investing time for this – I doubt anyone could regret it.

I’ve had two consultations with Raelene so far, first one over Skype and next one face-to-face. The change in my energy and attitude after the first session was unmistakeable but the cumulative effect after the second session has been amazing!

Pam K
My intuition told my I needed to do something different as my current actions were not helping me, I saw Raelene speak and knew that I needed her wisdom.
The first word she uttered before any real conversation was “Hiding”, which broke me down immediately and set me on another journey of self discovery… Due to Raelene’s presence, intuition and ability to connect I learnt much about myself and more importantly it opened me up to discovering more. Through techniques Raelene suggested I have been way more present, more willing to be me and certainly ready to move to new ground.

I have completely embraced my soul journey over 7 months and I can already see new developments, the last of which relates to the visualising of my purpose, journey and creation. After taking hold of my personal process for this month, I have seen my “power” and confidence returning. I even visualised the sale of my unit at $14K more than the real estate valued it, and during the first open I had a contract for that amount!

The most amazing thing was Raelene’s ability to “see” things about me that I had not shared, that were holding me back, for example my self-limiting beliefs and fears around working, money and lifestyle. It is a pleasure working through these and I feel my journey, my purpose, my business and my direction is already gaining clarity.
Thank you, Raelene, this was out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for your process, your manner and your willingness to take me somewhere new.

Janet L.. World Wide Coaching
I was guided to contact Raelene after I heard her speak at an event. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I absolutely knew I had to meet this lady and have a session with her. In fact, she’s so amazing that I’ve had at least 6 sessions with her (over skype and in person). Raelene is able to ‘see’ with clarity what is ‘in my way’ from being the person I want to be. She is able to explain where the source of the issue originated and is able to heal at this point. How awesome is that?

And to support me even further, she also provided me with liquid crystal drops which integrates the healing at a deeper level. As my relationship with Raelene has developed further, I found that her beautiful, supportive, genuine ability to help me be the best version of myself was always there. She has been an absolute pillar of strength for me and I am so grateful for her in my life.

Raelene is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend using her services! She is a fun, funny, practical, straight talking, no nonsense woman that will help you clear your ‘stuff’ so you too can be the best version of yourself. developer, business owner

Healing Testimonials

You also foresaw where I was heading, even though at the time of the session the ideas were not in my consciousness.
Raelene. Thankyou deeply for helping to light my path and release the ties that held me back. Your connection with Spirit is so strong and so pure that even the darkest demons are no match for your loving energy. After freeing me from a seriously draining etheric cord and shinng the light on a shadow that was praying on me, I felt greatly empowered and ready to move forward. You also forsaw where I was heading, even though at the time of the session the ideas were not in my conciousness. You felt I would do more study in health and nutrition and now, after intensive studies and a massive shift of energy, I incorporate Raw food nutrition into the yoga retreats that I run. You also felt I would do more dance within my yoga practice and now i organise monthly charity ecstatic dance events. I gained so much clarity and energy for our session. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. Much bliss and many blessings.
Kath Ford, Flow Yoga and Samadhi Yoga Retreats

Workshop Testimonials

Intuitive Healing Is About Healing Myself and Being of Service To Others
I was fortunate enough to attend Raelene’s first 2 day event, the Intuitive Healing Workshop, and from the moment I entered I knew this was going to be a profound 2 days. What we learnt was truly amazing and so easy to understand and I left feeling that I was confident in knowing many different ways to help heal those in need. Raelenes way of teaching is so easy to understand and absorb. One major thing I learnt was not only how easy it is to be of service to others but that at the same time that in doing this I also heal myself. For me I laughed, I cried, I met some amazing people but above all I felt more connected to my soul, my heart and my guides than ever before. I can’t wait for the retreat.
Annette Sym, International Best Selling author, 'Symply Too Good To Be True'

Transformational Journeys and Meditation

I came to the group healing last night at Chambers Island, truly amazing experience for me. Thankyou so so much. I can’t even describe how it made me feel to friends but i can’t wait to come back to the one in March. I will definitely book and have friends that i know would benefit from attending another session…Thank you so much again! My card I pulled out was the DOLPHIN, something that is a symbol for me – it also said ‘ take time to play’ this too, is the exact line that I have promised to myself that I will do for 2010.. All i can say is WOW for the 1st time I felt peace within my mind 🙂 I can’t stop smiling thankyou.

Sacred Souls 'Heart of the Earth' CD Testimonials

The Sacred Soul ‘Heart of the Earth’ journey has profoundly impacted me both times I have experienced it. The deep heart and soul connection to the Earth Mother that it creates is calming, nurturing, rejuvenating and healing. Personally on both occasions it has also opened me to beautiful, divine and inspiring multidimensional experiences. The sounds are hauntingly beautiful and soothing, while the drumming, digeredoo and sacred aboriginal song open your heart, guiding you deeply into the core of your soul and the heart of our Earth Mother. I love this beautiful gift that Raelene and Jason have gifted us with – thankyou!
Kyrona Unity Hope, Light Language Channel, Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing
Thank you Raels and Jeremy; your meditation/ healing CD is a masterpeice. Every time i listen to it, I feel like I have had a personal healing. It feels like being in person with you both and experiencing the magic of the amazing gifts you both possess. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and allowing us to experience your energy everyday.
This is the only meditation my 8yr old son wants to listen to now every night while he falls asleep – he loves it too!

Ceremony Testimonials

I thank Raelene For Being The Gorgeous Light Worker That She Is
When I think of Raelene, I feel happy, I am honoured to have had her help me on my journey several times, with her energy work which was a new healing method for me, from my first session I just felt the genuine warmth and love emanating from her presence which in turn enabled me to relax and feel truly blessed spirit to spirit its hard to describe but I know I have felt a huge shift in my life and much thanks go to Raelene for the work she so wonderfully does. I have also attended one of Raelenes workshops Medicine For Your Spirit which was packed with information, love and surprises, Ive since made crystal essences, and use my smudge stick, incense and Angel & Goddess & Fairy cards to gift myself a heartfelt lift or piece of insight each day when I need it. They’re all beautiful tools that I can use and I thank Raelene for being the gorgeous Light Worker that she is; sharing her self and her knowledge with me.

Recent Testimonials

Hi Raelene, I just wanted to pop you a quick note to let you know how grateful I am for the liquid crystal remedies you sent me recently for help with my study. I am usually a “credit” girl, this semester, following the use of the crystal remedies, I have actually consistently achieved High Distinctions in all my classes! I am so incredibly appreciative of these remedies – you said they’d be powerful and BOY they sure have been! Thank you so very much for your remedies! Kind regards,
Carla Lester
I had the pleasure recently of participating in a healing with Raelene Byrne. I am both spiritual and skeptical so it’s important that those I see for readings or healings satisfy one and reassure the other! Raelene however, successfully wiped out all judgment, thought, doubts within minutes replacing these with a delightful peacefulness, so so nuturing. As I drifted into a healing no-man’s land, laying on pink clouds under purple stars, I heard Raelene talking and communicating with crystals and this seemed perfectly normal! Raelene spoke of certain past lives that came up, and these seemed perfectly credible. Raelene pinpointed certain aches and subtle pains and this was easily accepted. It was only when I left this warm loving cocoon and returned reluctantly back to reality that I could think clearly and reflect WOW the crystals and their unique consciousness were heard; WOW I really related to those past lives and another WOW she intuitively placed a finger or hand on a troublesome spot on my body. So Raeene’s gifts are not only within the beautiful healing experience, but also in allowing one to feel so in touch that what should have felt incredible at the time just felt normal! Wonderful experience and one I hope to repeat soon! Thank you Raelene, blessings from Spiritual Suze.

I have seen raelene all up four times in the last five years. I have always felt more connected with myself following a treatment. My favorite treatment was when I was pregnant with my first child. Raelene helped me develop a deeper connection with my pregnancy that I didn’t know possible. I had a calmer approach to the birth and having a new born. I have recently been to Raelene after a tough 12 months. I will always recommend Raelene to anyone looking for emotional and spiritual healing and or guidance.

Kate Vane
I have known Raelene Byrne for the last fifteen years. During that time I have been to her on numerous occasions for her amazing crystal energetic treatments. Raelene has a beautiful way of working with me as an individual and she is able to pick up on nuances and shifts in my body that require some assistance. I am a person who constantly works on my own energetic fields and I totally Trust Raelene’s integrity, professional manner and confidentiality working with me. I highly recommend you visit her too.
Dominque Finney
I have worked with Raelene on a number of occasions & keep going back because she is just so gifted & connected. She is always spot on with her information, both past & current & the guidance she provides for the future always empowers me. She is based in unconditional love & support & add in the power of the liquid crystals & you have a transformational combination, if you choose it to be so. Raelene is one of the people I implicitly trust & deeply respect.
Sharon Tregoning
My heartfelt desire to overcome a recent trauma I was having difficulty coming to terms with directed me to Raelene for the most safe and deepest healing I have experienced. Raelene works in so many layers, to such deep levels, in such a supportive way. I will be eternally grateful for her help. Highly recommended
Joanne Newsome
To be with an individual who offers integrity, honesty, and nurturing in their healing is a gift. I have experienced all of these and more in my sessions with Raelene. I am and will be forever grateful for what I have received and taken forward in my life. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
Diane Jackson
Hi raelene, ! It was your healing, love, warmth and energy that have me the opportunity to realign with what is true in my heart and soul. You reminded me of the amazing power and energy that already existed within me and enabled be brave and courageous to do what is try and right in my heart, I am now on a path that is filled with love, warmth and other exciting and wonderful things, you helped me create the shift that has changed my life xxxxx
Testimonial – I’m not one to ask for help lightly yet after months of signs and symbols, finally decided to have a reading with Raelene. Even though I knew her, it was never the right time until one day, a serendipitous sign started the ball rolling. Having my liquid crystal card reading, clearing and unique crystal liquid made for me was an amazing experience. So many emotions,connections and guidance fell into place….With so many answers addressed, I felt calm, focused and on the right track. My custom made liquid crystal program did the world of good for me, so grateful. I still have one more thing I need some help with and look forward to this with the understanding and knowledge of Raelene’s guidance, earth wisdom & expertise. Thanks a million lovely lady, big hugs and blessings x
Louise Hickey
Sometimes I can’t figure out what’s holding me back exactly… there are many ways to heal and clear limiting beliefs.. many modalities that you can try.. and sometimes.. it’s all a bit much on your own.

It’s at times like this I get a whole lot of comfort, clarity and peace out of having a session with a Soul centred energy healer. Raelene is one such person. Immediately upon lying down on her table Raelene started picking up information pertaining to my life.. it went on from there.. she used ‘a quarry load’ of crystals down the centre of my body, each one chosen for an exact purpose. Over the course of an hour she worked with her guides, and my etheric energy body and blue print that shows up in a visionary way for Raelene,… information is gathered, some of it Raelene uses right then and there to shift things.. other bits are for me to take away.. it’s hard to describe exactly what all of this entails..a myriad of things are encompassed, healing on a variety of levels takes place, I trust this process and understand that it may be days, weeks, months along the way that benefits will still be apparent. The immediate result for me was : I received several pieces of useful information, some techniques for helping me day to day moving forward. I also was really impressed to hear at least 5 things confirmed that I had received from another source. I felt completely supported in the time set aside for working with me, Raelene gave her all to be of divine service to my highest good. What an extraordinary offering that is, and I am deeply grateful to her for this transformational experience.

D Daffara
Raelene is a most delightful ‘Woman of Light’; her warmth, genuine caring and grounded spirituality shine through in all that she embraces. Over the years I have attended many of Raelene’s public speaking events and ceremony’s, and I have personally found Raelene’s work to be profoundly transformational as it moves people into deeper heart spaces of their authentic selves. My deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to Raelene for being a leader of conscious change and for helping people awaken to their innately joyful states of beingness. Much LOVE beautiful friend.
Simone Mathews
If you need clarity, insight or even reassurance of what you already know, Raelene can guide you. Whether it be an in person healing or 12 month reading overview, Raelene has ‘helped me help me’, and that is something I’m ever so appreciative of.
Anthea Renwick
Raelene’s is the embodiment of authenticity, wisdom and divine connection. Through her readings I obtained enormous clarity and connection to my own inner truth and wisdom. The reading could not have come at a more perfect time as my thoughts, feelings and perceptions were cloudy and unclear. The path ahead for me is a conscious co-creation with the divine, and through Raelene’s insight, this path was illuminated. The experience was like my own soul and inner truth talking openly and clearly to me, something I had been craving for. After receiving the reading in March 2014, I still re listen to the readings every few weeks to gain new insights and perspectives. I am humbly grateful to Raelene for showing me back to myself and my own divine nature.
Faith redi