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Resistance, being Attacked, and moving on


Awareness tip of the day….the more you show up to be who you truly are, the more you lift your personal frequency, the more you align with your souls purpose, the more likely you will to be judged, attacked, criticised and discredited. How exciting. People take notice!!!!
To have the realisation in those times of challenge, you can respond from your consciousness instead of reactivity and old knee jerk actions is a knowing of awareness and responsibility of self.
How exciting that you can witness your childhood wounding of not being enough, or being inadequate, remembering how the fear of rejection from the tribe squashed you into the box of normal for the ultimate goal of being accepted. Even the memories of how the education system silently steals your individuality, that unique imprint that you are, and as kids, that is all that we are, all that we know…. to be offered the reward of badges of conformity, celebrating the conditioning of uniformity of little ones, all doing, thinking the same, and downplaying even punishing those who shine in their own self. No wonder when we get challenged we can go into old patterns of defensiveness, lash out, want to prove ourselves right, or we go into the silence of diminishing yourself, just to be accepted…the inner words say…”please love me, please accept me, please let me be a part of your group, I will do what you do, I will play a role that fits your ‘normal”, just see me as one of you”.

Recently I was listening to a facebook live show with a woman I admire. The “trolls”, those in fear, were out in full force as she delivered her wisdom and guidance to the many who were on the call to listen. I loved her way of dealing with those sending very inappropriate and hateful messages…it was like watching wonder woman deflecting all the comments with her wristbands, while holding a deep and meaningful conversation with the group…as the comments would appear, she would block. Very elegantly and powerfully.

A few weeks ago, I had a similar experience. A person was writing extremely vicious things on my wall. I do not know this person, and they were not on my friend’s list, however, 17796822_10158405757670007_784042788980644046_nthis person was intent on being heard and seen. Every time I deleted a comment, a new one would appear.
Instead of being upset like I would have been years ago, and losing time and energy worrying about how I could get this person to like me, I took a moment to acknowledge she was in pain, angst and incredible fear. Taking a breath, I offered her compassion, then in my own head said..”…Bless you now f*** off, and I blocked her.

There is more and more of this behaviour happening as more of us start to shift into higher consciousness, awareness, taking responsibility for life, owning our stuff, and moving towards our life of purpose, a soul calling and most of all living how we want to.
Do not forget, all the inner work, healing, letting go you have done to be in this space of more empowered you, as many have not even had a connection to themselves, and are still living in an unconscious way. There is NOTHING wrong with that, we all wake up and get moving at different times in life. Remember, you are living your life, so do it. And allow others to live theirs in the way they are.

Resistance will show up. How we deal with it is what is important.

Do we have to prove ourselves to others, make ourselves right so we feel ok, No. not anymore. We simply need to get on with our own life. If it feels right to us, or aligned, then live it., do it, be it. If others don’t get it…too bad, so sad…that has NOTHING to do with you. It is where they are in the moment.
We can waste a lot of time and energy trying to convert others to our uniqueness, or we can simply give all that time and energy to our journey, shine it get on with it.
When you look through history, the pioneers broke through into new territories, countries, even advances in knowledge. As they stood in the moment before committing to their calling, there would have been fear of the unknown, inadequacies of dealing with what could arise, even sense of failure, yet, the courage of needing to do something different, to follow their inspiration was the MOST important call to action, nothing could dissuade them, as behind their ‘adventurous spirit’ was the need to find places for others, to see what else is out there, to follow a call of freedom.

As pioneers in this evolutionary time, we will be tested, we will be judged, criticised, and vilified…If you believe it, then you still have inner work to do, if you can let it slide off you…you are well on your way.

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