Raelene Byrne Retreats
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Raelene Byrne Retreats
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Sedona – May 2020

Dates To Be Announced

A full 9 days in the red rock vortexes of Sedona, a spiritual mecca, that offers deep breakthroughs. Sedona has the ability to crack deep and fast through the layers of illusion and reminding you of your unlimited expansive nature. There is something quite mystical that occurs within you when you visit the energy vortexes, you feel it in your cells.

Work with Shaman, sit in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony, visit sacred sites, meditations, guest presenters, an experience of feeling unlimited and expansive which you can anchor in.

So much intuition, space and creativity can be explored when you are in this wilderness.

North Sumatra – October 2020

Dates To Be Announced

Jungle time.

Visiting a pristine jungle environment, far from the cities and rush of life. Slowing your pace down to be, allows connection to creativity, imagination, ideas that can flow as you are nourished by the pure oxygen, the song of the jungle.

Trek to see orangutans in their natural jungle, white water adventure, caves, villages, learn local cooking, spend a day in a magical river on sacred land, and other great heart and soul opening experiences.

Time to sit in nature, pristine, quiet, and fill yourself with the bounty of simplicity.

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