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Simple, Real Energy Healing for Courageous Souls

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Simple, Real Energy Healing for Courageous Souls

March 25th Elwood


We are all healers and we are all in need of healing. This is the year of the courageous soul. We are being pushed to shake off, dissolve, move away from the old patterns, old beliefs, old comfort zones and some of us need help to see who we are and what we are capable of

One of Raelene’s passions is to guide people towards their true self and soul calling without all the gimmicks, hard strategies, or complicated processes.
Raelene lives, breathes and teaches…Everything you need to know, you already have within. Connect to your soul, find your way, listen, take actions…life becomes quite an empowering journey.

Raelene will explain the fundamentals of what healing is about, taking complication out of this and giving the power of your abilities back to you

This workshop is to deliver some simple processes into your life, and for those, you interact with. love, work with, children
Simplicity is the call of this new millennia
As we strip away, walk away dissolve all the old ways, we reveal something quite amazing…OUR SOUL

What I will offer in this 4 and a half hours of love, fun, healing, remembering and connecting to your own soul language…
A workbook covering these 2 techniques with lots of information
The opportunity for each person to give and receive these techniques, so you can go away confident in applying these.
A gift of Awareness cards, a fabulous tool to play with in your life
How to create rituals that will impact your life
Why I believe in declarations, how they magnetise and how to create them.
Exercise in finding your souls purpose… what your soul is using as a reference point.
Meditation exercise

Very simple, anyone can do this, beautiful to offer, amazing to receive.
This allows a person to relax deeply, can take them into a meditative experience, can shift energy blocks in the body, brings about a sense of peace filled wellbeing.
Balances meridians and energy flow in the body.
This technique can be utilised with any other system or modality
One of the most effective things you can offer to anyone.
Family members, children, clients, stressed people,
Can be a stand-alone offering, or something to include in what you offer
Assists in training you to see energy


Developed by Raelene, this is simple, takes you beyond your heart and mind, to un-create things you no longer align with in life and then create what you want, and embody it
The trick is to identify what it is you want to un-create. Raelene will show you how to find the core issue.
Anyone can do this, a simple step by step process which delivers results.

Cost $150

17191128_10158251638050007_2313099786108219941_nComprehensive Workbook and Awareness cards Included.

Natural Forces Shop

150 Ormond Rd, Elwood

Bookings to



So…Who is Raelene Byrne

“An internationally recognised Energy Medicine Healer,
Spiritual Mentor,
Inspiring truth teller
Soul Connector
5th Dimension Visionary
Public Speaker
Intuitive Guide
Code Breaker
Contributor for magazines nationally and internationally
Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner,
Starchild practitioner
Shadow Chaser with Liquid Crystals
Liquid Crystal practitioner Level 1 teacher
Tree hugger
Beach addict
Mermaid in my spare time
And then there are LOADS more to my soul being in service to other souls. Have been following my soul’s purpose for over 30 years, Walking the Talk, walking the Walk, and following the soul’s purpose.”