medicine for your spirit soul awareness pack

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A great way to get moving, motivated, aligned, and connected within.

Blessings, Raelene

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Navigating life can be confusing if you are not clear about your own self, purpose, even direction. It can be like wandering through a maze where we meet dead ends constantly, back tracking to find our new way, repeating similar steps that take us around in circles, wearing us down and eventually giving up, prepared but perhaps not happy, to go about  life that happens to us, instead of creating the life we truly want for ourselves.

Raelene’s Medicine For You Spirt Soul Awareness Pack combines the resources you need …

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Alchemy Of Awareness Book

This universal truth that has been passed down through the ages by many cultures, ancient teachings, and wise elders,  reminds us that we have all the answers, we have all the tools, all we are required to do is take simple, practical actions consciously.

This book Alchemy of Awareness is a compilation of 52 topics that affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Each chapter offers easy to read and understand information, activities to create and embody change as well as powerful declarations to reset your beliefs, cells and create reference points for growth.  Inspiration to become all that you know you are is what this book can help you with on your journey.

Printed Book & PDF eBook Included.

Value: $48

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3 Month Soul Overview

These 3 month soul overviews take us out of the worry, the stress of the unknowing and give us a strong focal point for each month.  There are practises, meditations, and  processes to help you deepen your resilience,  tap into your courage and start to create a life that you truly want to enjoy.

These are recorded and the recording emailed to you. I do not have to see you in person, all I require to tune in is your birth name.

Value: $85

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Awareness Cards

Each of these packs of small not quite business card size offerings will be cloaked in a small pouch, blessed in a crystal bowl,  then infused with a labradorite crystal energy which resonates with freewill, choice, empowerment and sent to you personally with a beautiful intention.
Remember … self knowledge is the greatest act of self-love.
Take a few moments to quieten your mind and be in your heart.

Ask for the frequency and the vibration of that word to be activated and spend a few moments breathing it in and sitting in its energy. Then observe how it shows up in your life. What does this word really mean to you, what is your belief around it, how can you utilise it in your life.

Value: $15

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Heart Coherence Exercise PDF

Create a coherent state in a minute with these 5 simple but powerful steps.

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Total Value: $148 for $100

Only available until June 30th

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