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Whether  a virus is gaining momentum, the financial world is wobbling, the daily actions we engage in threatened are  by big restrictions, the common theme in 2020 is CHANGE…. Changing of consciousness, elevating our awareness, raising our essential self to a new level, recalling our responsibility to life, planet, each other, and ultimately self.

What is happening now is rapid change, life a fever….  Furious in its ability to debilitate, burning up what is no longer required, making us take time to reset, and look at how our lives have been consumed by the external desires for more and more, been under the influence of so many others ideals and rules,  and showing us that taking care of our own self, those we love and our sanctuaries, ( homes)  need to be prioritised.

Louise Hays wrote many years ago..the metaphysical belief around  ‘influenza” is who or what is influencing you? Fear influences us to the depths of our instinctive nature. It is easy to fall into, and that worry has been shown through science, to affect our immune systems, deplete them, and we can be susceptible to the very thoughts creating those environments for viruses to flourish. These are the times we are called to show up with all that we believe, have recalled,  know and have embodied, the times to put our expansive skillsets to use

Fear has the ability to paralyse us, it is infectious, removes sensibility and puts us in a raging whirlpool without direction, unable to make decisions or take clear actions. Fear is fuelling the very depths of what we have hidden in self and how the collective has agreed to allow those secrets in exchange for following the ‘expected behaviours “ of our immediate world.

Change is upon us, we either fall apart and become a statistic, or we observe, stay safe and work on the inner world to create more connection, community, support, compassion and positivity  to rise above the hysteria. It is up to each of us to own our sovereign right to choose how we want to feel about the global events. , be swallowed by them or stand aside with a knowing that this too shall pass.

Yes stay safe, but from the place of inner work, self-care, keeping your thoughts and hearts in a higher calibration of energy.

Yes , things are fast right now, but we need this to bring about massive new ways. We can see this ‘virus” as a great leveller…no one and nothing is exempt from it or its effects.  There will be dramatic and drastic situations, and we are all a part of it.

As this new world, or new energy is anchoring, we are participating in the creative process of what is next.

YES each of us is adding to the collective force, consciousness which is taking us towards our new selves, world, earth and operating systems. Make sure that you are operating from the place of love, gratitude, awareness and aligning with the highest aspects of self . What we are feeling  right now radiates into the world

If we are in fear, we close down. If we are in gratitude or love, we radiate out. The higher the vibe we engage in, the better our immune systems.

So how do we  caretake ourselves, others and stay safe


Practical daily things

Fresh air,  so deep breathing, ..exhaling release up to 70% of toxins from our body.

Sunshine…..daily doses of sunshine,  in 1918 when the flu epidemic hit, the best results for recovery were in people out of doors in the sunshine and fresh air.

Meditation…allows us to remain calm, focusing our thoughts onto more positive aspects of life

Vitamin C… ascorbic acid daily , preferably the Melrose brand…not flavourful, but affordable and potent ( beware you may get the runs)

Oregano oil… 1 drop in some olive oil or coconut oil in a gel capsule, OR you can purchase oregano capsules ( brand..Solutions health…oil of wild oregano capsules)…NOT to be taken daily, only at onset of symptoms

Lemon oil…fabulous antibacterial to use on bench tops,  on a tissue inside your clothing,

Tea-tree oil…anti bacterial, antifungal, anti viral…great oil to clean all surfaces

Collodial silver…..natures antibiotic, at onset of any symptoms

Hot baths with Epsom salt, magnesium, Himalayan salt and some oils… then RELAX…I mean REALLY LET GO…sweating afterwards is normal and important

Increase garlic, ginger turmeric in your daily intake. ( roasted garlic is AMAZING)

Hot fresh Lemon,  ginger and honey drinks..soothing, warming, purifying and helpful with immunity

Hand sanitiser…easy to make.

2/3 cup 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. …

1/3 cup 98% aloe vera gel. …

8 – 10 drops of essential oils. …suggestions…Thieves ( Young Living Oils), On Guard ( Doterra). Or a mix of lemon, tea tee, cinnamon, clove.

Bowl and spoon to mix it all together.

A basic funnel to get your hand sanitizer into a bottle.

Plastic, or glass  travel bottles for storing the hand sanitizer.


Have conversations that are uplifting, enjoyable, about good things happening in your life

Find beauty and dwell in it

do things that make you laugh, sometimes a good belly laugh releases such great feel good vibes into the body

Plant some herbs, vegetables, micro greens, sprouts. In pots, or garden…there is always space to grow some greens

Pay attention to your living environment, clean, clear, purify, tidy, release, reorganise things to a better level of functionality for you now

Create a community in your neighbourhood, where you can rely on each other if confined to get goods, food , meals, perhaps helping with kids if schools close and people still have to work

Make some big pots of vegie soup, and share it about…loads of garlic!!! So nourishing


If quarantined, or in  self isolation

Read those books you have been meaning to

Watch some interesting and uplifting videos on you tube

Catch up with creative tasks or learn some new ones

Cook new recipes

Play in garden

Do some exercise, there are heaps of videos on you tube to follow

Listen to music

Learn something new…a language, an instrument, a craft,

Use the time for some extra body care, scrubs, facials,  facial masks, mud baths

Lay under the sun for 10 mins connecting to the earth and breathing deeply

Sit under the moon

Go through old photos and organise into some books

Tidy up your internet files and photos

Make some phone calls to people you haven’t spoken to in a while

Write cards

Journal for the weeks of isolation

Have naps and get rest



Smile widely

Be helpful, come from a community mentality….how can I help or support

Keep your heart open, everyone is worried, which doesn’t help, find the positivity in all things

Make sure you keep a positive vibe

Use your hand sanitiser, or  hand towels

Wash hands and try to not touch your face

Do not share plates, glasses, utensils

Give people space

Cough into your elbow

Dispose of tissues quickly

Practise gratitude as regularly and as randomly as possible

Do a 21 breath meditation focusing on ‘calm’ daily

Ground your energy

Pop some  lemon oil, or on guard, or thieves, or oregano oil mixed with a carrier oil onto your feet at night and in the morning. (delivers the healing and protection qualities to your body via the acupuncture and reflex points in your feet)

Carry a scarf with you and when you feel the temp drop drape it around your neck, (necks are vulnerable areas to the cold, you can pop those previously mentioned oils onto the scarf)

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