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The Business of Spirit and The Spirit of Business

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Welcome to the journey of awareness

This idea, The Business of Spirit and The Spirit of Business has been in my consciousness for a number of years. Watching people ‘wake up” and then having to find their way forward. So much changes on all levels of life. As I have said for decades, once you wake up, once you have an awareness, you can NEVER plead ignorance

The challenges arise when people find the information about spirituality, the world of connection, their soul journey to be conflicting, so much knowledge and perceptions are on offer, that the seeker can be thrown into overwhelm.

They question, how can my relationships survive with the changes I am desiring?,

how can I go to work with all this change?, do I still want to stay in a job?, relationship?, friendship?, house? country? when everything in me is telling me to move,

How can I experience freedom to be me, yet still maintain my lifestyle?

What of my responsibilities, bills, commitments?,

How can I do what I love and sustain my life and family?

Am I meant to only connect with other like minded people?,

What about friends not understanding me anymore, or thinking I am weird ?

Why do I feel so intolerant of others who are not able to see what I am feeling or wanting to listen to my ideas?

I want to keep learning and remembering, yet the information seems contradictory,

What is true, what is real, what works, what is a waste of time, who has integrity, what is the first, second third step?

Is it normal to feel like this?

and on and on the questions go, and more arise.

This series of free interviews are from people I have met, worked with, or have had on going connections through social media. These are all people living their passion..How do they manage it, was it always easy, what sacrifices were made, how do they weave spirituality, whatever that means to them, into a lifestyle that is joy filled and purposeful

What changes did they make, or have they managed to keep spirituality separate from their business

Has spirituality or the pursuit, opening and living of it,  affected their business? Better Worse, expansive or destructive?

So many questions and answers from people who have taken up the call to action and created business and spirit filled lives from change and insights.

I am so excited to share these stories of inspiration, challenge, on going dedication, education, with practical and simple skills for each person listening to find something that they align with. Listen to those who have paved the way, the pioneers who now have so much to share.


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Here are some of the exciting guests joining us for these weekly interviews, I hope you will as well.

Dr Steven Farmer..Author,  Shaman, Psychotherapist, International Speaker, Educator, Based in USA

Al Diaz…Acclaimed & internationally recognized Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer Radio Host…Based in USA

Vanessa Finnigan..Creator of Holistic Bliss Magazine, Based in Australia

Patrick Scott Ziglier…All Love Healing system, International presenter, Based globally, can’t pin him down

Jean Sheehan…Millennium School, speaker, inspirational leader, Based in Australia

Toni Reilly…Australia’s acclaimed teacher and facilitator of  Past Life Regression Therapy, International teacher and  Creator of Toni Reilly Institute and Soul Life Psychology . Based in Australia










Clay Miller, . Author, shaman, Teacher, Actor, Incredibly inspiring soul with a deep connection to nature, one of my fav people on planet earth. Based in USA

Juliet Law of Attraction Coach and expert, Based in Australia

Robin Clayfield…permaculture expert and international speaker and relationship guide, Based in Australia

Nicole Phoenix Starr  . Hindu priestess, soul transformation leader, kick butt kinda gal, Based in Bali

Puma and Morgan experts in all things of wellness, Creators of Grace Grove retreat, speakers, educators and passionate health experts. Based in USA

Anne Aleckson, Soul Speaker, Mentor, Academy owner, extremely gifted channel and inspiring troubleshooter, Based in Australia

Pauline Reyland.., Intimacy expert in her field of human sexuality ..what a fascinating  person and the info is amazing.Based in Australia

Annie Clark... Author, Director at The Art of Wellness, Speaker, Educator,

Tom Cronin....Meditation master, Corporate background, Writer, International Presenter, Producer, Life Coach..Based in Australia

Chelsea Renton Gibb..Actress, singer, entertainer, inspiring woman and now the creator of fifty fast days. Based in Australia

Margaret Gill..Businesswoman extraordinaire, energy healer, Public Speaker and wise wise woman who has an amazing story to share. Based in new Zealand

Sacred Earth, .Jethro and Prem Williams, Internationally renowned musicians travelling the world, working as a couple,  following their hearts, passion and skills, International and National Retreat creators.wisdom teachers in practical simple ways. Based in Australia, and touring overseas

Debbie B Mewes,   Australian Academy of Spirit Founder,  medium, author,, healer, teacher, sacred space creator, what a woman and so grounded Based in Australia

tom cronin

sandy forster

pauline reyland

faith redi

sharon tregoning





Sandy Forster….International Millionaire Mindset Speaker, Mentor, Bestselling Author and Multi-Award Winning Business Owner. She’s won over 8 international business awards, including 2010Business of the Year (Australia) and Best Overall Company of the Year in the International Awards for Women in Business (New York) and in 2008 International Mentor of the Year. Based in Australia

Fatima Bacot... Author & International Personal Development Teacher, Mindfulness meditation Teacher, Speaker and a fabulous wealth of knowledge. Based where ever she is in the moment

Faith Redi…Humanitarian,  globe trotter,  passionate about community connections, healing mother earth and living with spirit, freedom and truth..

Sharon Tregonning…Spiritual Palliative Care, inspiring speaker, facilitator and  teacher bringing the death business and all it entails  into the light of everyday life

Billie Dean...animal advocate, educator and passionate environmentalist. Based in Australia

Gwynn Williams…Zen Thai Shiatsu creator, teacher, Yoga instructor, Inspirational leader in his field, Created a retreat base in Bali, international teacher,  Based in Bali and Australia










And more to be announced. There will be some fabulous surprises

I can hardly wait to listen to these people’s answers to the questions I have, and for you to benefit from their experience,whether perceived as good or bad, in order for you to find the way forward is up to you, however you already have had the pioneers pave the way.

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