the liquid trees consultations

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the liquid trees

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A beautiful system of tree frequencies that support the love aspect in life, our emotional world.

The Liquid Trees have brought 46 sacred trees together to serve and support humanity as we heal our love flame and move towards union, oneness and realisation.

the liquid tree consultation

60 Minutes Consultation

Discovering the 3 trees that support you best,

Life Purpose Tree,

Higher Purpose Tree,

Shadow tree,

Liquid remedies posted to you.


$100 For 60 Minute Consultation Includes Postage of Remedies

To choose a consultation day & time, simply click the “book online now!”.
1. The appointment booking calendar will open in a new tab.
2. Select “60 Minute The Liquid Tree Consultation”.

3. Select the Day & Time for your consultation.
4. Complete your details, name, email & phone number.
5. Confirm your appointment and a confirmation email will be sent to the email you enter.
   Your Confimation Email includes links to pay for the appointment.
    All appointments are pre-paid.

6. Once your payment is received a Skype or Zoom session will be booked and the link sent via email.

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tree of life liquid crystal readings

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This is a detailed look at where you are in life right now using the The Liquid Crystal oracle deck of cards.

The reading comprises of  11 cards in a specific layout representing the 11 levels of human consciousness and our journey through them.

We identify the issues working for you and against you,

Outside influences related to your question,

Next actions to take, cause of the issue and what the outcome is,

The pathway you are heading towards,

Lots of wisdom, actions to take, ways to release things and an overall understanding of why you are where you are, and where you are heading.

The readings are recorded and emailed to you.


$120 For The Reading

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