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Each of us at some point in our lives is laid up with a virus. So what do we do?
We take rest, eat better, perhaps have juices, sleep, take baths, fresh air and sunshine, sometimes we cocoon ourselves, and take more vitamins. We actually become proactive, while the virus runs its course. We take care of ourselves, we engage in the ‘healing” process. We allow the virus its right of passage, and we know it is NOT really us, it is an invader, a gift of reconnecting back to how we treat ourselves.
We know that the virus has a short life span. They can knock us over, we can feel bloody awful, and we will call it…I have a virus, so am taking a few days off to deal with it.
When any of us suffer from NOT ENOUGH, whether, not good enough, not enough time, not knowing enough, not savvy enough, not fit enough, not thin enough, not enough money, not enough work, not enough options, blah blah blah, how about recognising those moments as a ‘virus”
Become proactive.
We know the “not enough” which knocks our confidence around is not true, it is like a belief lying dormant, that arises, when we are disappointed, lethargic, comparing ourselves, feeling like we aren’t ‘doing anything, lost direction, purpose, can’t imagine any new goals, feeling stuck, or in the place of mundane.
The ‘not enough’ will rise like a virus to play out the story, giving you the opportunity to recognise that it is NOT who you are, it is only a belief or pattern that has been entrenched from earlier in life, or through the ancestry of your families.
Maybe treating your moments of not enough as you would a virus, become proactive, take care, remember who you are, find things to uplift.
Yes, we normally have to feel like crap with a virus, and same thing when Not Enough enters our awareness, but we can treat it lovingly, kindly, understanding it is showing us a deeper obstacle which is NOT really who we are, just an experience, or rites of passage to align with and become who we are.
As we work on our strengthening our immune system to deal with any virus, maybe we can find a way to work on our Not Enoughness
I am enough, always have been always will be… can be a great boost, like taking a dose of vitamin C.

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