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the secret is YOU


75c7589153095e07fca92f97111742eaFrom a young age, I have always believed healing or ‘cures” could be as simple as a touch. Being raised in a Catholic family and indoctrinated with biblical stories, myths and teachings, something rang true,  deep within,  around the possibility of energy transmissions in a simple touch or with a moment of presence. Not much else sat with me or stirred up the knowing from within apart from teh stories of ‘miracle’ healings.

Little did I know I would follow that field and finally surrender to my soul’s journey of healing, mentoring and awakening others

Over the years, I have done all the courses, workshops, seminars, had all the tools, props and rigmarole, believing that there was something in those things that made what I offered more powerful, more ‘authentic”. Then I read a book that changed all that, and my journey towards less stuff and more presence,  began as enthused passion

Over the last couple of years my guidance has been about expanding to a more global base, being accessible for people who ‘resonate’ with my frequency, energy, vibration and offerings of service. Seeing myself with a backpack, a laptop and off into the wilderness go I, while still being able to support those I work with.

How can I do that AND have all the ‘props”? Excess baggage, costs of transportation etc ..the hassle of details

Well, the universe got tired of me stating what I wanted, and not making a change.

It took the indecisiveness from me, opened the wisdom of life and released me from a stable base that held my crystals and other ‘healing” things, energy and to some degree, my ‘identity”

The office I worked from was sold and all I could do, was sit in open armed receptivity, well we often call it, the “I don’t know moment”, to see what would arise and arrive.

Clients kept booking in and I had no ‘office to work from, apart from the one the universe has been steering me towards,. Nature…waterfalls, creeks, trees, even clients own sacred spaces in their backyard as well as skype. I bless technology everyday for this freedom, even when I am pulling my hair out in the attempt to learn a new thing.

What a sense of freedom to NOT have the props, to not have the gadgets, to show up as I am, to meet the client as they are and work from that space. To be fully present to the energy, to listen to the souls need, to show each person how to remember how to live their own life and to tap into the ‘everything I need to know I already have within”.

That international globe hopping is now accessible…thankyou universe.

What I have always believed is now a place of reality for me.

What any of us offer, our skill set, tools of the trade,  in reality is our business card. What people really want when they trust us enough to work with us, is our own unique frequency, our own experience and slant on things, something on an energetic level that cannot be graded, certified, or marketed.

What I do as a skillset and expertise has a powerful resonance, yet who I am as a vibrational being is more of what people need.

We all have a unique frequency, not replicated anywhere else in the universe. This is what we offer to others in service, our beingness, the collected experience of our soul’s journey

Ever wondered why sometimes a word/conversation from a stranger can uplift you, sometimes an urge to do something you have never done a spontaneous decision which connects you to a person and you are gifted something quite amazing, or even you just KNOW who you need to hang out with and your energy is restored, you feel better.

We are all here assisting each other, offer our frequency, reminding each other of who we are, supporting, being of service, without many of us even being aware. Jesus was able to heal through simple transmissions, I KNOW we can now. Lets get on with that.

Our business card tells of the earthily ways we can offer our true soul gift. The world at present,  identifies with what we do more so than who we are.The pioneers are starting to live from a nomadic, no paraphenalia, real presence and listening to the needs of the souls they work with. As I say over and over…’Everything we need to know, we already have within”…all we are doing is remembering that, whether assisted by others, or having our own awakening.

Our lesson is to understand what our personal frequency is, as once you know, all you need to do, is BE YOU!!!

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