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What do any of us really need?

What do we really require to fully show up offering our soul calling to this life?

When I see this world in its beauty and potential,  its polarity of madness and chaos,  I  can observe the disconnection that all of us feel at the deepest part of who we are.

This energy shove at present is bringing to us the “slap in your face” awareness that…..

We need to let go of the struggle, let go of the illusion, release the deeply ingrained conditioning….

We need to have faith in our soul’s wisdom, it knows the story we have chosen to play out on this earth journey

We need to engage in the movement forward in life, not turning back to relive the moments of trouble over and over.. Consciousness moves forward, showing us that we have this incredible support to expand, to create, to become.

We need to realise that each day is a new beginning, it is up to us.

We can make each moment that fresh start, take a deep breath and decide what new things you can create, do, be, engage in, think dream, feel, align with.

We need to understand we will have days of low energy, low faith in self or the process of life, low connection, low ability to see things in a new light, and that is perfectly  perfect…it is a reset moment, where we can count our blessings, step back, recalibrate ourselves, and have space to realign. We need these days for rest, reflection and recharge. You are not wrong , broken or have fallen off the path of ‘righteousness”..hahahahah, you are just having a day or days of resetting within you.

What if these times of low-level energy or vibration are allowing us to align with something else that is ready for us, giving us space to reassess and prepare?

As we move closer to the end of this decade, and the birth of a new expansive 10 years,  we need to remember that…..
Everything you need, you already have within

So much of what we have been told we needed to have to be more connected, more spiritual, more sacred, more ‘special’…is not true, not anymore, and really never was, however, it all played a part to bring us to this time of great awakening and  remembering, we have all we need.

Your best action is to go within, listen to your own wisdom, take action when and where you can, build a relationship of trust within yourself, find the sanctuary in your ability to connect to your inner knowing.

When we first embark on this wondrous experience, we like to bounce our findings off others we trust and respect…ask for help, ask for guidance, ask for another perspective, but in the end, it is you that decides what feels right for you… start to trust that sense…and you will never doubt yourself again.

Whatever it is we need, we can find the answer in the quiet space within, so make time for nature a priority, make space for you a non-negotiable part of life, …then just breathe, and listen, discern and take action.
The reality is that we do actually KNOW what we are here for ….our soul wrote the story!!!

How do we know …we can feel it. Those moments, or days, of flow, when you are lit up with excitement when you have some clarity that sets a whole chain of events in motion when things start coming to you easily, opportunities, invitations, people, support, you feel open and receiving, and you feel at ease with what is happening.

These times show up and remind us of how it can be. There are always times when it isn’t that way…” where did I go wrong?” we will ask ourselves… well what if you haven’t gone wrong., what if you are just being gifted some time to ‘count your blessings”, reset, and be ready for the next flow of soul movement. These are the times we take better care of ourselves, more nurture, more nature, more rest.

Remember, the cycles of life are preparation, planting the seeds, growth and then the rewards, or fruits of our effort…and we are on repeat with that. The natural world ebbs and flows, and so do we.
Sometimes the hardships give rise to greater openings
Sometimes the challenges give rise to new directions
Sometimes the chaos gives rise to bold decisions

The next step is up to you.

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