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Triggers set you free


Awareness tip of the day…triggers are great keys to open doors for personal growth and expansiveness when you are willing to go beneath the surface. Ideally, most of us would love to go through life without any angst, to be in a state of flowing and on purpose, living from a deep place of compassion, never getting annoyed or pinged off, and what a world that would be.
The r18301913_10158533893495007_8866006795036910016_neality is we all have triggers, we all have those things hiding beneath the surface, needing to be brought into the light of our awareness, or sometimes they explode around us, creating chaos, which means we waste a lot of energy in recovery.

Those moments offer us a choice, you can stay stubborn with what is your belief, and keep having the same thing ping you off over and over, or you can look at it, contemplate, ask the questions of your inner world, soften and open.

Triggers are great keys which can open doors towards more self-value, love, respect, self-knowledge.
Nothing is set in stone, oh well the 10 commandments apparently were, yet everything is open to interpretation, via the winding laneways of our perceptions.
Most of our perceptions are not even formed by us, they have been absorbed, adopted, installed as we grow, and we live with them for years, finding ourselves in being ‘triggered” with resistance, getting annoyed, wanting to prove our point, having to be right, when something isn’t what we think it should be. They really do tell a lot about a person and what lies just beneath the surface
So every time you feel triggered, take a breath and look at what it really is showing you, perhaps a place of resistance, a shutdown, a guardedness that blocks opening into something more, something new, something more aligned with where and who you are in life right now.…time to acknowledge and shift those things which are disempowering you.

One of the biggest triggers is “expectations”, followed by judgement.!!!..

Recently I was at a weekend event with some gorgeous friends. I wanted to experience something that I had heard many people talk about, The loving wave of energy that a living saint from India offers with her embrace.

Well, I got triggered!!! One thing after another, the resistance was building and the eye rolling was out of control, plus a few audibly loud big sighs suggesting…’you have got to be kidding”.
I had people swooning and asking me…’did you feel her energy”…Now I am sensitive, I feel loads of stuff, yet to be honest, I answered. “No, I didn’t feel anything at all”…In fact, I wasn’t getting it!!

My triggers were set off like fireworks as my “perception” ( and judgement) of seeing people disempowering themselves, believing they were less than a person sitting on a stage, watching the “machine”, or entourage, surrounding this person, the seemingly rushed busy-ness of getting a hug, then being pulled away, which was was a bit rough, watching the Star of the gig talking on a phone when giving out hugs ( BIG FRIGGING TRIGGER).
There was a woman I chatted to who had seen Amma 95 times. I wanted to ask…so it isn’t working?, but I politely asked why so many times, and her answer…’Amma is god”..
if anyone knows me, you can imagine the eye roll!!!, and I couldn’t help but respond, ” and so are you, and so am I and so is everybody in this hall”
Questioning what it was about, what was going on, had me retreat to my room quite disheartened and highly charged from what I had perceived to be happening. I was aware my stuff was up for review!!! my own reflections, I thought about the shift in consciousness, the vibrational upgrades so many have been going through and actively working within, and wondered, about how we have all evolved, some really get the concept of being god, being creators, being connected, being one with all, and others are STILL to understand or come to that for themselves. My perceptions and triggers were from what I had grown through, fought for in myself and I was judging others for their lack of awareness…talk about a kick in the pants for me, and a couple of slaps over the head. How dare I? How dare I judge, others for their efforts to grow in their own personal way, their own soul journey., doing the best they can…EVERYTHING has a purpose, for each individual.

A couple of friends chatted with me later in the day and gave me a different perspective, so I made the decision to be completely present, and BE, after all I was having a weekend away with some pretty awesome souls, in nature and being fed without having to cook…that in itself was enough!!!!

What I realised was I had big expectations, after hearing so much about this person, which didn’t seem to be fulfilled.
That evening with 800 other participants, we were led in an outside meditation by Amma, then Q & A time and as we filed into to dinner she was there serving us our plates of food. Yes, it was like dealing cards to each person, HOWEVER, she didn’t have to do that. I looked at her, said thank you, we made eye contact and she beamed a glorious smile.

In that moment, I realised, she was in service and humility, she was offering something way more than the hugs she is world renowned for.

Having done the whole guru thing a few decades ago, sitting with many ‘awakened souls, and you get to a point when you realise, you are your own guru, you are your best teacher, and you have to listen to that part of you dwelling within, then take action.
We can’t often do that when we run the busy story of life, so when an opportunity arises, devoted to being with your own inner temple of wisdom, while surrounded by others, the energetics are amplified, so. triggers will arise, and they are the jewels showing pathways to more self-awareness, release, letting go, being.

My triggers were realised to open me towards seeing each person was there to find more of themselves, even though in my perceptions, I thought they were giving all their power to another person or belief system, I had to ask myself. How does that differ from the perceptions any of us live that limit us, disempower us, keep us playing small or less than, believing others are better, more successful, abundant, courageous?
Triggers show us where our judgements live.

The next morning, with an open heart, I queued up for a hug, no expectation, not looking at how others were being treated…none of my business. Before I even got to my turn, the waterworks started, there was this HUGE energy flow racing through me. As I bent in for the hug, everything spun, energy was buzzing, heart was pumping out of my chest. I couldn’t walk away, I had to sit for awhile to ground myself, There was a cosmic moment, the remembering of a time before separation, way back in the soul journey. The sense of true home within ME
If I had locked in with my initial triggered reaction, I would never have experienced this moment of reunion.
So triggers are gifts, how we deal with it is up to us. Grow through them or be bound by them.

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