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Trust, Trust, Trust


18402957_10158561686065007_2091982634324980138_nAwareness tip of the day…Trust, trust, trust, in you. As we evolve faster and gain more clarity, release the things we know are not for us, align with the life we are creating, our only real tool to walk with is trust in self.

We arrived as babies with a level of trust that all our needs would be taken care of. As we develop and grow, we take on the beliefs of life and families, losing the ability to fully trust, or to action it. Approval and acceptance from others become our number one motivation, as it keeps us safe, seemingly connected, while conforming to another’s idea of who we should be. We lose the trust in self. it is chipped away, it atrophies like a muscle that is paralysed and unable to exercise.

Much of the lack of trust we have in self, or others, also stems from the times in life when our intuition, inner world, higher self, guides, whatever you want to call it, was telling us something and in those moments we chose to ignore, or not to action, then later we ‘suffered’. How many times have each of us stated… “I just ‘knew” but did not take action”
That is not honouring or respect of self-trust, that is not staying true to your soul’s journey. We will experience many events that bring us back to that point of . ‘I just knew”, until one day we decide we can ONLY trust our self, then you will take action.

These current times, where energy is heightened, more people are becoming aware, waking up, realising they have choices, understanding they have a right to live their own life, their own way, which requires the trust muscle to be brought back to life.

Sometimes we call it intuition, other times it is Knowing, and in everyday experiences, we will say, I must trust myself.
What kills developing trust or the reawakening of it, is the cloud of self-judgement, the abyss of self-doubt, the habitual way we second guess ourselves. Holding these things in place is the deep need for acceptance, and not wanting to be wrong. We are unconsciously terrified that if we do anything that takes us out of the pack, where we stand as an individual, we will be susceptible to attack.

Let’s start to reclaim out birth rights, the first being trust in self.
Steps towards finding a rich and individualised understanding of love, of living with trust, is to start with you.
Treat yourself kindly, always
Self-trust requires you to take action and care of your needs, your safety. It means you refuse to give up on you
You need to exercise kindness, and not be driven by perfection
Be aware of your thoughts, feelings, actions and how you express yourself,
Stay true and aligned to your own principles, ethical codes, and standards, while realising they are in process of evolution, so self-enquiry, reflection, contemplation are required daily.
Care for yourself first
Pursue what you want without limiting others
Exercise mindfulness

Our soul wrote the life plan we are living long before we arrive. Yes, we have free will to choose various things, but the big lessons, the big wake up calls, the slap over the head reminders are already in place, as these keep bringing us back to what we are here for.
We can only walk with trust in self, we can only make decisions when we know ourselves and follow the actions with a sense of committed trust. Nothing is locked in, we can change our decisions, minds directions at any time, we are not shackled to a particular life. That was the old world, that is not real for us now.

So, if you want to get your trust on…try this activity

Start your day with a deep clearing breath
Breathe to your heart space
Say, “I invite and invoke the frequency and vibration of trust to activate within me”
Take a breath with awareness at your feet….” I trust my walk in life”
Take a breath with awareness at your base chakra.” I trust in my ability to create safety and security in life”
Take a breath with awareness at your sacral chakra..” I trust my feelings and take action “
Take a breath with awareness at your solar plexus chakra….” I trust my own power”
Take a breath with awareness at your throat chakra…..” I trust my voice to communicate clearly”
Take a breath with awareness at 3rd eye chakra….” I trust my intuition and act on it”
Take a breath with awareness at your crown chakra…” I trust my connection to my higher wisdom and listen”
Take a breath with awareness at your heart chakra….” I trust in me completely”
Take a full breath with the awareness that your whole body is expanding, then offer your energy field the declaration….” Today, I trust in my soul’s journey, I am willing to do what is required”

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