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Weekly Meditation

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Weekly Medicine for your Spirit Meditations

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Meditation is one of the BEST life skills and tools that create change, align us with our inner world, introduce us to the unique self, build calm, trust, reduce stress, help to clarity around priorities in life besides all the physical and mental attainments that arise.

Science is proving constantly that the practise of meditation is extremely beneficial for us. The biggest issue is finding time to create a regular time to engage and to begin to reap the benefits. Meditation improves health, wellbeing, lives.

Raelene has been running meditation events, groups, courses for many years and is now offering a weekly guided meditation for those who are busy, for the convenience of being in your own space, while still connecting to a large group.

While still encouraging people to have their own personal practise, Raelene finds the energy generated when a group of people are meditating on the same thing at the same time has a deeper effect on each person, on the group and where it is directed to.

It is like if you are in training for something, it is much easier when a group consciousness is there supporting you, training alongside of you, and each of you encouraging the others towards the finish. The same energetics happens with meditation, when a group is experiencing the same thing, the outcome is profound.

The guided meditations that Raelene offers have another effect, they allow you to access a level of self-awareness, encouraging an inner dialogue with the inner world, delivering trust in self, intuition, inspiration, answers to questions and even just improved clarity.

For many people life runs them, however when you can commit to time for you, 1 hour a week, to receive some information, a guided meditation that can sit with you for many days as you move energy around in you, sometimes creating a healing process, you will start seeing improvements in all parts of life.

Stress is reduced, breathing is improved, clam is easily entered into, blood pressure drops, anxiety can become less, busy mind slows down, heart rate slows, nervous system calms down.

Even those people who say their Mind NEVER stops, with guided meditations, you can learn how to master that

Along the weekly dosage of meditations, Raelene will offer tips, information, small easy to do things that will keep you engaging in your own meditative process

Each week your dose of medicine for your spirit will contain

  • An overview of the earth and cosmic energetics occurring  around us, and how that can be affecting us
  • Deeply Guided meditation with energy work
  • Breath work
  • Focal point to carry you from week to week
  • The ability to tap into a deeper aspect of you for healing, answers, release, inspiration.
  • Private Facebook page to offer support, share the love and experience of meditation around life  and to answer questions

Invitation to join this weekly dose of meditation which is food for your soul, inspiration for your mind, nurture for your body, and vibrational upgrades for your life is extended from my heart and soul

Create calm, gather confidence, Trust in you
and sign up for $39.95 a month..
Love to share this journey with you

That is less $10 a week for a live guided meditation with gorgeous images, up to date information, processes, tips and support via a private facebook page