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4 things to contemplate over this week, the gifts this time is offering us …


We have spent decades learning how to hug, learning how to touch in the world, and the feeling of the heart to heart closeness, the warmth that is shared in a joyful hello or a goodbye. Now we are being asked to distance ourselves, have space between us all if we meet up or want to chat…So what if  we are being given the perfect opportunity to practise Presence, MINDFULNESS in the MOMENT….we have to be in the moment to choose our behaviour, our new distancing, we have to stop the habit to going in for the hug and  learning to stand apart…

So my suggestion as an action..look into the eyes of the person you are separate from, send the gratitude, appreciation , or love as a transmission from your heart  and through your eyes.  Have the intention that you are sending an etheric hug. Practise this, it is a very powerful thing to offer and receive.


Learning how to adapt and be in the flow of change. At our inner soul nature we are strong. The species we are has adaptability at its core to flourish, to keep going. We cannot cling to a past idea, notion, or way of life now, we can ONLY start to take new actions , keep dreaming in the new world, stay in the movement of forward actions.  The world will never be the same, so we are being gifted an opportunity to learn how to change without resistance. Adaptability is one of our survival techniques…we can employ that, we can be present and take new actions, have new thoughts, work on higher feelings, be clear with the communication and words we leave in the enrgy field of life.


Discernment of information. You can take in so much, then the rest is overwhelm. Practising discernment means once again we can listen to our inner world and practise trust. If something feels off it is, if you are feeling there is TOO much negativity, switch off, do something that is uplifting, limit you intake of information, Find out what the changes are, then do something that brings you back into alignment with you soul. This lesson is a great one as we will need our true discernment not just of information, but as we create a  new way of living, you will have to make sure you do what feels aligned for you.


Time to sort out the true priorities in your life

Easy peasy…

relationships,   spending time getting reconnected, finding new common threads, dreaming a new life forward together, letting family members know they are loved and appreciated, finding new ways to play, have fun, be together

making your home environment into  a rich,  loving and nurturing sanctuary,

health, wellness, vitality…taking all the precautions, having beautiful nourishing foods, movement, finding ways to exercise … skipping, home practise of yoga, Pilates and other forms of strength and breath work ( loads of you tube videos)

finding the space to allow some creative instincts to arise, colouring in, playing games, learning new things, ie calligraphy, watercolours, mosaic, beading,  cooking, sewing, knitting…and so many other things.

reconnecting to family and friends, reconnecting to your soul , reconnecting to your creative side, reconnecting to your intuition and so many other gifts.


I have started to write a daily intention, prayer or blessing onto a piece of ribbon or cloth and tie it to a tree. Each morning that intention is a focal point for me, and a gift for the collective field of grace.

Just imagine for a moment, if loads of us do that…tie ribbons or pieces of cloth ( narrow like a ribbon) to trees, branches, pot plants and like prayer flags they wind takes that intention and spreads it around the world … such a blessing, a conscious action, a universal energy uplift.

Big bodacious blessings to you all.

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