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You are your best teacher


teache is youAwareness tip of the day…When we finally awaken and connect to our deeper nature, we realise the best teacher exists within.
Recently I was asked…who is your teacher?..and my response without any thought was ….I am.
The person who asked looked slightly surprised expecting some guru‘s name to be offered. I wasn’t being a smart arse, it was a truth delivered straight from my inner world, or from soul.
Now I don’t mean to sound like a know it all either. It has taken me many years to finally understand the first ‘real words” a teacher spoke to me when my awakening process began
“Everything you need to know you already have within”

The reality for me these days is, if we are connecting within, remembering who we are, even asking that simple question, we are going to the truth of our own soul’s wisdom, we are listening to our own inner teacher.
Teachers, inspirational people, gurus, influencers are all over the planet.
They share their perceptions of life, spirituality, through their own life experiences. What happens is many people listening or reading, can relate to their stories of hardship, struggle, maybe abusive childhoods, deprivation, etc and then to see someone rise above it, transform their life, hold their destiny in their hands, we feel inspired to remember, to take new actions, to remember we are also here for something, we can rise above our own individual hardships.
We want to know HOW.
So we turn to these people of authority for answers. They are showing us their way, their experience, their knowledge…and perhaps opening us up to our own discernment of what works for us and what doesn’t
Another persons way may never work 100% for anyone else as it is their own experience. Teachers come in many forms apart from those we look up to. When we are present to life, we see teachers everywhere…nature, kids, interactions with others, billboards, conversations, movies, books etc
Anything or anyone that initiates questions around what you are doing and why, any situations screaming for change, any feeling that something isn’t right, is a teaching!!! How you respond to the call to action or lesson is up to you.

The best teacher is your last mistake…how often do we say “I will learn from that”!!!

There are so many ways to eat an apple. You can chop it, cook, it, peel it, cube it, quarter it, halve it, eat it whole, put it on kebabs, add cheese to it, stew it, grate it, puree it, make a sauce…..and on it goes.
We eat an apple the way we were fed when young, see this example as a belief being gifted to us. We continue our whole life eating the apple a certain way because that is what is ingrained in our thoughts. .then one day someone offers you an apple done differently.. you may reject it, as you like yours a certain way.
Then finally you give it a try, and oohhhh what a different experience, you start to eat it that way in your everyday life. Then we start to experiment, trying different ways …or maybe the quest becomes to find different ways to eat the apple every day…opening you to unlimited possibilities.

Teachers offer information to open you to a new experience which initiates a desire to know more, to remember more, to expand, to question
We create the experiences we live through so we can apply the new information or wisdom to grow our soul and life
Then one day, as you are more confident in your own abilities to attempt different things, you decide to listen more intently to your inner knowing, the world within and follow its direction, its teachings.

So we keep creating lessons, our higher self, soul, spiritual self, in order to can change things, realise we can do something different, we can let go, and we can move forward towards what we know is available for us or more aligned

We all need inspiring people, influencers, teachers to remind us to open within, expand outwardly, to know thy own self, to live with awareness and show up each day offering that best part of self.
You are your best teacher, you live and grow through all of your life experiences,as you have created and co-created them for your own learning.

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